Mayor Gift Problem.

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Sckizman, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Sckizman

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    *Salute* Mayor Gift. Ah now to the matter at hand. So, after that i reached 65 on mob wars it said that i needed a ducati street fighter to continue.. So, i went on one of my accounts and gifted one, And then to another and gifted. Didnt work. So i tried creating a heap of accounts, tried gifting.. But no, Doesnt work. So, i guess facebook is having trouble cause of the heap of farmville and cafeworld fans out there (had 5,000 gift requests a month ago) which maybe crashed facebook's application gift compatibility. But i was wondering if it is possible to connect to the app without using facebook, which would bypass facebook's app system.

    I did read one similar thread where a guy had a almost similar problem. Thing is, the street fighter doesnt even show up on recently recieved list..

  2. so you confess to violating the terms of service of both facebook and kano.
  3. :eek::confused: you are kidding arent you ? you didnt really just admit to creating loads of fake accounts ....lmao
  4. SkylerF

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    Nonono, he admitted to already having three SEPARATE accounts!
    THEN, since he was not benefiting from those, he went and created MORE!

    But I had the same reaction.

    *double-take* :eek: Wait...say WHAT!? :rolleyes: Loser.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]

    really?? And what was your ID again??
  7. i know the part about ID was suppose to be SATIRE(finally spelt it right lol) but his ID is in his "about me" part of profile
  8. Mr Killer Man

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    Mayor gift? What's that? Facebook gifting always screwed up no matter how you gift from. You can't get any one to send you a gift?
  9. Wonder Woman

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    A little reminder to the guy who started this thread. Perhaps you have not read this and I am going to assume because you posted the above but here is a little refresher for you. You may get yourself deleted from our games and Facebook. So just play one account ok.

    Social Network Policy and Social Network TOS Applies to KANO Games

    Fake/multiple accounts are absolutely not allowed.
    If your account gets disabled by The Social Network, you will have to resolve it with them by yourself.
    KANO can take no action to get your Social Network account enabled again.
    List of Things That Will Get Your Account Disabled

    Using more than one account.
    Using any kind of bot, script, or automated method to play the game for you.
    Making real-world threats or slander to any other player in the game.
    If You Cheat, Your Account Will Be Disabled

    No exceptions.
    No second chances.
    No whining.
    No refunds.
  10. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    And I want to remind everyone else not to jump all over anybody, harass or generally be jerks. Anyone can make a mistake ! I will delete the thread if that happens.

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