May 15th Developer Update

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  1. Kendall

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    Boss Battles tweaks:
    - tweaked boss attack/defense/health, we may have set these a little high from the outset because we were trying to find balance for the higher level players as well as the lower, since they have been out for a while now we decided to reduce them as new players were having lots of difficulty from them. Power Attacks were reduced to take into account the reduction of boss strength and health.

    - due to the reductions, players should see better xp rewarded, if you are seeing minimal XP this likely means that the boss is either far stronger than you in either health or strength, we will be exposing the boss strength and health numbers shortly to help people understand how they are matching up against the bosses.

    - unlocked power attacks should now cause more damage, if not you are likely already doing max damage due to your characters attributes for that boss, this will be more apparent when we expose the bosses stats.

    Users that had ongoing boss battles when we made the code push may see the bosses health jump up to 100% but this is only because we have reduced the max health for that boss and the previous health state was larger than that.
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  2. Amon Amarth

    Amon Amarth New Member

    Excellent work guys, keep it up :)
  3. What about Favor Points drops from 1% put up 10% ?
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I am sure that is a typo there and you mean 25% ;)
  5. 25% wow << - no way ->> dev's will lose all paypal users :D
  6. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    the exp rewarded from defeating bosses dropped to ridiculous amounts though. 1500 exp for defeating a lv10 passage keeper? Seems a bit low as an actual reward...

    but yeah, got favorpoints again. No complaints here :D

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