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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Nev, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Nev

    Nev New Member

    Hello to everybody!

    can I have a pattern of number of captains can to add from friends, based on level?

    now my level is 450, and I can add a maximum of 1000 captains form friends (and also 1000 captains form Davy Jones)..

    1000 (from friends) is the maximum? :confused:

    thanks alot!

    see you soon in the sea!! :cool:
  2. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Yes that is correct, 1000 is the max.
  3. Bubba

    Bubba Member

    For those below that number, I have found that I get 2 extra captains per level available to my max count. Since 1,000 is the max you can get, that would be level 350 (so do the math if you are below that level). I have more than my maximum, so it just adds the 2 to my count for each level. So keep on accepting your clan requests and keep on sending out requests.
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    The max limit is 1000 still, and 1000 from GDs
  5. Yes 1000 is maximum though it should really keep increasing as you get higher and higher in the game.It would keep the game balanced a little better.
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  6. True...some players are at a disadvantage if they cannot afford to buy captains after they reach their friend max....

    THESYFI New Member

    Why is that the max.I have friends from Europe that have a lot more than that. The most I have seen is 5400;

    THESYFI New Member

    1,000 is not enough and I haven't bought a 1,000 more mateys to help ;
  9. adlib2

    adlib2 New Member

    5400 Crew in Clans~~?? You must be confusing with another Game~~PRC Perhaps~~??
  10. RichardMapesJr

    RichardMapesJr New Member

    Maximum Captains

    It seems like the max number of captains (without buying) should be updated/extended for the long-time players. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to "buy" a lot of new captains and have reached a point where it doesn't make any sense to engage in battles. Sure....I've reached a great level....but I cannot win a battle or cagematch because most of the pirates near my level have a ridiculous number of captains. Did they buy them? Maybe, but come many of these captains can you buy anyway? 2 captains for 10 Davey Jones points????? Pretty useless to try that way.....
  11. well cagematch doesnt include clan size at all.just armed weapons and personal atk/def.
  12. This is why the ratio of human clan to bought clan needs to be adjusted. At the very least to 2000 human : 1000 hired or 1500 human 500 hired.
  13. Marie

    Marie New Member

    amount of Captains

    I wrote Kano on this issue just yesterday,,,,here is there reply.....

    First off, thank you for playing and supporting Pirate Clan!

    There are limits on your captains - 1000 friends as captains and 100 hired captains. This gives all players options. For those who do not want to add any friends they can get equal amount of hired captains. For those who do not want to get any hired captains, they can invite equal number of friends. And the option for those who want in increase their clan more, then can get both!

    If you have any additional issues, please don't hesitate to contact us again.
    Pirate Clan Support

    So if this is true is buying over 100 a waste???
  14. its 1000 hired captains.i think whoever replied to you forgot the "0" at the end of that.
    trust me im 2000 size and it matters.
  15. OR,2000 poeple 2000 hired HEH that would be fun
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  16. Daily_Player

    Daily_Player New Member

    Hired Captians

    Your attack, defense, stamina, health and clan(and there stamina, health and attack and defense) members all play a part when in battle. but my question is if you have just your 1000 hired captains, what strengths or weaknesses do they give me during battle.If my hired captains are equal in stats to myself, this in theory would give me better stats in battle and I would win more battles and cage matches and my pistol whips would be do more damage. Am I thinking along the wrong path.
  17. Iron Fist Matt

    Iron Fist Matt New Member

    I have been playing for over 600 days now and I have 199 hired captains. You can only buy 2 captains at a time with 10 points. I don't remember if 600 days ago I could buy 3 captains at a time like you can in Viking clan. My question is this to Kano, would you think about a short span of selling 1 captain for 5 points so those of us with odd hired captain numbers can get back to even ?
  18. the last captain is for 5 points

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