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    Does anybody know how your max health figures into the results of attacking or being attacked? I don't mean whether you are at max health or just barely out of the hospital, I mean the total skill points you have in health.

    Specifically, if you have a lot of your skill points in health, do you to do more damage and / or get more XP per single attack?

    And when it's the other way around, namely you are being attacked, does having more skill points in health make you give better XP per attack?
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    Actually, bigger health will bring you more xp. If you have only 100 health, you will not get much xp beyond a certain point. You should aim for roughly 5x your Level in health.

    But don't forget att/def over this. These influence xp, too.
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    Believe it or not,having higher health WILL deal more damage. Hard to believe I know but also true.Higher health will also give you a better chance to get larger exp.Kano is an odd bunch.
  5. the amount of damage you can do is limited to the amount of health the lower health mob has.

    for example, even if I have 20000 health and another mob has 100 health the most damage I could do is 31. If they have 5000 health, the most damage you could do is 1501. Usually, the damage is not that lopsided. In a close fight between two mobs with 5000 health each, damage will be 751-750. The higher the health and the closer the margin, the more xp you will get per fight.

    to find out how much health the other mob has, if you have higher health, simply add the total damage in a fight and subtract 1, divide by .30. If you come up with a figure that equals your health, either you have lower or equal health.

    Health = ((Damage Taken + Damage Dealt) -1)/.3
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    This is good stuff, thank you very much.

    A friend of mine asked me for advice (wants to adjust the skill points since they don't seem to be optimal) and then I got curious myself.

    Basically she thinks she is a good XP dispenser and wants to change that. My advice was that if she is getting beat up a lot off the fight list, increase mobbies and stuff everything going forward into defense. And I told her to hide in the hospital a lot and not hang out at full health.

    But then I got curious about how you total health affects XP of fight outcomes.

    My health btw is 10 x level.
    Attack is about 1.7 x level and def is 1.5 x attack. This seems to work for me - I'm not leveling up fast but I can easily beat a lot of players 400 levels above me.
  7. 10x more health than level is usually perfect.
    attack and def ratio you listed seems ok if its working
    i hope stam is a fair amount as well as you will need it and lots of it
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    yes if you r fighting just before you r due to either stop fighting or just retiring 4 the night hit the power attack button. this should take your health down really low so u cannot be attacked. and i also still believe that the way forward his put your skill points into your attack and defence and of course your other skills. having a bigger mob will also help u to attack and defend better as u r using up all of those vehicles, armour, and weapons u have accumilated. i believe that having more health points does not make your attack bigger or your defence better.......:cool:

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