[LCN] Make Sense of War Mode Rewards

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Philip Graves, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Philip Graves

    Philip Graves Member

    Look guys... As it is, there is no benefit to warmode other than bragging rights. Im not looking to change the rewards system or the way you play warmode. Right now there is a #1 trophy, a top 3 trophy, and a top 10 trophy....thats just silly IMO. There is no point in trying to be second when the opposition has obviously won 1st. Might as well be third with less effort and get the same trophy to showcase. I propose a 1st place trophy, a runner up trophy, then a top 5.... everyone else is not worthy of recognition. Might get some of these WM groups to try to compete outside of just making the top 10...because how it is now...All you have to do is turn on WM and have a decent sized syn to get top 10... Just doesnt make sense to me...

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