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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Chack Plata, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Chack Plata

    Chack Plata New Member

    Hey Kano! I do not know if I'm the only one or the best on this way, but for me it's a source of a modest pride. In five years since I joined the game, I have never lost a single daily point. At least, you can launch a "Zarach bacon of loyalty", dont believe? lol
    Regards and nice hunt to friends and haters

    Zarachito 5years.jpg
  2. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    There is already a loyalty system in place... Time spent playing is not part of the equation.
  3. Chack Plata

    Chack Plata New Member

    Only cash spent? What a loyalty
  4. jj wilson

    jj wilson New Member

    Since we are on subject of loyalty...kano kan need to have some for your customers!!idk wtf your thinking!!your fix for raid shop screw up( which was your fault) is ridiculous stealing from your customers to make up for your mistakes??very ignorant furthermore the players response is no more spending...deleting game..withdrawal of events!!!you shouldve fixed mistake left alone and cut your losses!!you have crippled my syndicate with over 40% either with drawing from sw or not playing at all quiting!!i gained nothing from the mistske as i use the cologne...but now i am paying for your screw up as my syndicate is now at 50% and i a! Beeing cheated out of rewards i get every syn war!!i i o a business when my employees screw up i man up snd bite the loss not cheat my customers to cover my losses!!!furthermore your ignorant decisions are causing you s long term income loss rather than a short one you could have had!!i mesn really are you that stupid???these ppl have played your game for many years and you have profitted immensely from them now you rob them to cover your losses...yall are truly special!!

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