[ZS] Loyalty Item Update April 2016

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    When we said we were going to keep updating the Loyalty items, we meant it! Here is the fresh lineup for Spring, starting from the Gold items. These are available now, so go visit the UN page to check out the new selection.



    Gilded Pistols (377A/161D)
    Gilded Armor (156A/383D)
    Gilded Supercar (277A/277D)



    Shining Powerblade (178A/437D)
    Shining Maskhelm (308A/308D)
    Shining Powertrike (442A/190D)



    Brilliant Crossbow (346A/346D)
    Brilliant Pauldron (485A/208D)
    Brilliant Hoverpack (206A/505D)



    Alexandrite Proximity Mine (538A/231D)
    Alexandrite Biostimulants (233A/547D)
    Alexandrite Skyboard (395A/395D)
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    Thank you
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    cool :D nice items :D

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