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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by bully thor, May 13, 2019.

  1. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    https://forums.kanoapps.com/threads/fb-lcn-lounge-chat-concerns.32943/ <---------o_O:rolleyes::eek:
    well they finally followed thru with what they said they were going to do almost 2 years ago.......i'm sure that the other games have players that send tickets in over stupid stuff, instead of either ignoring or hitting the mute button ......BUT i truly believe most of the tickets sent in were from LCN..........
    Hate feeds Hate.....so while comments are being made you didn't like, instead of ignoring/muting you all just kept feeding fuel to the fire .everyone wants to get the last word in

    Game without the lounge/tavern sucks..hopefully kano will make changes to world chat ?.......or allow players that start their own chat group decide if they want it rated PG or R or X ..and also be able to have the chat owner to add admins to add/monitor players

    World chat should be for new players like it was .......you had a disclaimer when entering lounge/tavern........shame that people that entered could not either MUTE or ignore
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  2. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    This part does suck for new players, I'm one of them on different server, good luck keeping invite code in chat for even 10 mins. :(
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  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Friends at kano ??? I use my phone and have no problems with the chats , WC,jobs, groups, even the tavern, may it rest in peace, was always just like on a desktop with Kano play or the IOS app, and from what I understand the Android google app also.
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  4. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    Valerie is wise girl!!!!
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  5. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    You can make another post in 27 seconds, .........What a great way to stifle any conversations on a Friday night :p Bring back the Tavern!
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  6. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    Main problem I see with only having world chat now is that it is highly limited compared to how it once was before Tavern was created. Now a player can taunt all they want, but you can not click on their link to even get a clue what guild they are in , or how long they have played. I know for a fact that in the past one particular person would bounce back and forth between accounts that were newly created to tease about having killed raid parties. At one time I could keep an eye out for this kind of thing and report it. Now I can not click on any links of those speaking as there ARE NO LINKS! Kano, you are shooting your own foot with that one. Plus that damn Add button gets in the way when trying to scroll through the WC on my phone. Accidentally sent an invite to someone I would never want to be clan with. And god forgive if I ever use more than two posts when trying to explain something..........Katie bar the door.....gotta wait a minute :p If I have to wait a minute, the convo has already been lost! World chat use to be ok without so many limits. Now it is just plain annoying.
  7. Justine

    Justine New Member

    Can there be a "flag/report post" in the world chat , or at least limit daily post limit?
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  8. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Seriously now you want to limit how much people talk there, Please stop this this game has so many limits , we lost the tavern cause of people like you who want the game to go backwards to make you happy. There is a Mute option, I suggest you use it, instead of asking kano to make the game less fun for those of us who have been playing from the first year.
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  9. Justine

    Justine New Member

    Kirsten, I would prefer you old time and respected players had your tavern back. I voted for its return . My humble opinion is against the nonsense that occurred lately, for example the wild accusations made about some other players, flooding the chat with garbage talk and slander whilst new players such as I try to build our clans.
    To quote Snow Tiger well known member
    "... I know for a fact that in the past one particular person would bounce back and forth between accounts that were newly created to tease about having killed raid parties. At one time I could keep an eye out for this kind of thing and report it..."
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  10. Justine

    Justine New Member

    But, forgive my ignorance for lack of a better word. I am just a beginner in this game.
  11. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    I typically try and help out new players and am willing to add them to clan, but there are times you will come across a person who will start taunting and trying to stir up trouble in chat within the first hour of playing. Those types of players are not always innocent newbies just trying to build clan or learn the game. It is not up to me to determine who is an alt, or who is not, but at least if you could click on their link it would be easier to keep track of that person and watch for other unusual behavior in the future.
    Yes Justine, tavern did get unruly at times, but new players did not have to open Tavern if they found it to be flooded with garbage talk. They of course had the option to use world chat instead to try and build their clan. Welcome to the game by the way :)
    Hopefully if Kano is not willing to return the Tavern, they will at least loosen up on some of the limits that are in place for world chat.
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  12. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I think we needs less limits , we are adults FFS.
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  13. chris_dunsby

    chris_dunsby New Member

    I have been playing online Mafia games since before some of you were born. Do you want to know what was really the most fun I had. The basic game needed to be good; but what made games great was augmentation with user-supplied IRC (Internet Relay Chat)l

    Because it was user-supplied it was also completely user controlled. Don't remember ever having any real problems arising and it was that real time communication and close comradere with clan members and others that made it so much fun. Can I interest anyone in a copy of MIRC...
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  14. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Since before some of us were born lol ok so is that before there were games on the internet ?? before the internet,. back to Pong or space invaders ???lol thanks for the laugh :)
  15. chris_dunsby

    chris_dunsby New Member

    Actually the first games I played (on a teletype) were Hamurabi, Lunar Lander and Tank = ne1? - first comp was PDP 8e, replete with paper-tape reader (and lets not forget joys like externally programmable registers and all those lovely lights flashing far to fast for anything other than a read when it crashes. I seem to recall seeing a similar machine in the Ottawa Museum of Science and Technology's "History of Computing" display (not as cool as that Apollo space suit or that carefully "hidden" nose and pilot's compartment from what would probably still be ruling the skies 70 years later if the Yanks hadn't been so hell bent for ICBMs...) I digress...a lot... ;) I believe there is still a PDP 11 in service on Vancouver Island; although it may well be gone by now :(

    OK, OK ya got me. I guess the mafia games didn't really emerge until sometime in the early nineties. Although they prolly had predecessors on telephone switch-boards somewhere...any phreaks out there?
  16. chris_dunsby

    chris_dunsby New Member

    btw when you say 'Internet' are you talking about DARPA, MILNET and the like or are you thinking more along the lines of the CERN setup (wasn't it super the way things used to collide...well...still is actually, just super! _*_
  17. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    If you think the players are adults, you never visited LCN lounge on server 1.
  18. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    The nonclickable links are a pain in the butt that's for sure.

    And each of us typing a . so the person can keep talking is a pain in the butt.

    However, We did fine with WC before. We'll adapt fine this time.

    New players have a responsibility same as old players imo. Anyone that has played games with a fight feature should come in knowing that chat can cut both ways. Coming in talking makes you noticed yes? From that you either gain or lose squad.

    Generally speaking if a new player comes in respectful of the time invested by the older players they will gain some good squad. If someone starts picking on them one of the other older players gives them some tips or goes to bat for them.

    This helps keep the game moving.

    Coming in disrespectful might also gain one squad of a different type but far more common it gets them bookmarked.

    I see nothing wrong with any of that personally.

    We used to police the chats ourselves. The big strong accounts determine the atmosphere a great deal.

    Unfortunately, the way the games are now set up folks can continue to play while dead and run their mouths. Before it was so event based there were better repercussions within the game itself for coming in with an attitude.

    I agree that we need less limits not more. Less hiding. Less protection from consequences of ones choices within the chat and the game.

    However, I do still agree with tavern/lounge going away. Because the truth is, in most of the games in my experience very few ever went to World Chat once tavern/lounge became the place to be. It was simply too difficult to talk in wc. This made the game appear to be completely stagnant to anyone new coming around.

    FB PC is the only place I ever really saw folks actually talk. Every where else it was simply an add me thread that went largely unnoticed.

    as to what Justine mentioned unfortunately you've joined the games after raid bosses became a reality, and the truth is, anyone that has been around awhile has watched the new accounts start up just before the RB's every time. We're a jaded lot. Add to that so many got their kicks out of starting new accounts merely to troll, with no intention of actually playing the game and voila you've got the skepticism you see today. I've run across it a great deal because I happened to create my character years ago by misclicking and it sat for years untouched. So many were wary of me based on days played vs stats/level and knowledge. I can't fault them for that although it gets annoying given how well known I am in other places. I can imagine the frustration of someone new who isn't used to the paranoia that pervades the games these days.

    But trying to change the entire game so that folks can't accuse you of such is well....silly. Build your reputation. Everyone else playing had to. Steady play and learning your squad will reduce this. Once the suspicion dies out you have made some fabulous friends and you even learn how to build a stronger account.

    And I'll be honest...... The accusations of being fake were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier to deal with than it was coming over to FB/server 1 being known as a Dare I say it? A Myspace player. *GASP* the atrocity of it all!

    My point is, despite the lack of maneuverability of world chat the game and the chats are what WE make of it.

    Adapt and grow based on what is thrown at you. Learn to enjoy the hitlist/bounty game a bit. Meet some folks. and above all, learn to laugh. It's fake money, fake deaths, fake growth.

    Or as one of my new favorite sayings goes...... Don't take yourself so seriously, no one else does.

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