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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by Wonder Woman, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. The Priestess

    The Priestess New Member

    lol, the things i do for a unicorn ;) hehehe
  2. The Priestess

    The Priestess New Member

    Awww yeah, thanx Mark!! ;)
  3. antzmulboy

    antzmulboy Banned

    My Choices for future stockpile inventory

    Obviously being named Kamikaze in the game, i have added that to the name of the weapon/armor and vehicle

    For a vehicle, A Flying Kamikaze carrier ...... perhaps a modernized version can be created that hold modern kamikaze drones :cool:

    the link below will provide a picture of the concept (its no.6)

    For an armor, Kamikaze active camouflage the one in the movie that makes the predator invisible.
    plenty of pictures all over the internet........light around the player to make him nearly invisible, Predator style.....:cool:

    For a weapon, Kamikaze Optic Blast, optic blasts, which can burn through almost anything and have a radius of 2,000 feet similar to the mutant power Cyclops uses in X-MEN :cool:
  4. thefulla

    thefulla New Member

    here are some but they are not imaginary,they will all kill you in in a blink of an eye thou.
    box jelly fish-sea snake-blue ringed octapus-stone fish-saltwater croc and maybe even a solar eclipse but it wont kill you lol
  5. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Thanks for your submissions everyone! This was a huge success for us. We hope to do more creation contests in the future. Winners with content will be announced early next week. Look forward to it in the game boards!
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