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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by Wonder Woman, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Create your own custom Limited Item in the latest KANO/APPS contest! Do you have a great idea for a powerful item that you’d love to see in our game? From Friday, February 3 to February 10 you can submit your idea plus a brief description in this tread.

    We’ll select the best idea and our in-house artist will draw it up. The winner gets a one-of-a-kind premium version of the item, and it’ll go on sale for other players as a limited quantity offer. Start submitting now!
  2. Craig Lamont

    Craig Lamont New Member

    special item competition

    How's about a canister of Nano virus?
  3. Iced Viper

    Iced Viper New Member

    i want to see a skelator Scorpion how cool is that...
  4. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I'd like to see the BFG, aka Big Fucking Gun, from the Doom3 game.

    "The BFG 9000 is Doom's ultimate weapon. It fires a green ball of death that actually inflicts damage to anything in sight as it moves through the air. And if the green ball strikes, it inflicts even more damage. You can hold down the fire button to charge the BFG for greater damage; the weapon holds four BFG cells before requiring reload. But be careful. If you charge the BFG too long, it explodes in your hands likely instant death."
  5. Bocce

    Bocce Member

    Weapon The Spear of Destiny
    Armor The Golden Fleece
    Vehicle The Argo or Pegasus
  6. The Priestess

    The Priestess New Member

    What Ive been asking for ages ........ A unicorn!!!!!!! :D
  7. How about a Diamond Studded Belt Buckle? Al Capone supposedly use to give them to friends, one is in the story below. I have also included a like photo of what they supposedly looked like.


    Jake Lingle -- He was a mob controlled reporter who worked at the Chicago Tribune, shot dead on June 9, 1930 in the Illinois Central Station at Randolph and Michigan Avenue. Lingle was owned by Chicago's Al Capone, working openly on his payroll while working for the Tribune. Lingle had once bragged, "I fixed the price of beer in this town!" Capone could put up with Lingle's boasts and flamboyance, but not his treachery. Lingle had taken $50,000 from Capone to influence a dog track operation, but never delivered. Capone had given Lingle a diamond studded belt buckle he was wearing when he body was found. Said Capone, "Jake was a dear friend of mine
  8. The Priestess

    The Priestess New Member

    And you can call it 'The Priestess Unicorn' ..... I think I've donated enough money for a naming right LOL
  9. The Priestess

    The Priestess New Member

  10. Craig Lamont

    Craig Lamont New Member

    section 51 orbital space organism 5000

    The Solo 5000 would be a single seater flying saucer/disc with inter stellar capabilities and weaponry and tech from the year 5000.
  11. Bad attitude

    Bad attitude Member

    I would make the personal load out bigger to use more items in game

    1 pitbull

    2 long range weapon ( missle )

    3 a gangster raper mc side kick
  12. nellie97502

    nellie97502 New Member

    The Trench Coat.

    Black leather with many guns and wicked knives hidden inside.
    A piece of armor that doubles as a weapon.
  13. DMQ

    DMQ Member

  14. Lil Jonny

    Lil Jonny Member

    My suggestion is to have the artist sketch the main devs of the game and what ever popular game you guys play you could hold a contest and the winners will be rewarded like this.

    1st place = Heroic version of him/her self with a huge gun as a weapon.
    2nd place = Heroic version of him/her self with a riot shield as an armour
    3rd place = that persons car but edited to be rusted and shot up as a vehicle

    Together they will be called "The Kano Elite".
  15. Tea Bags

    Tea Bags New Member

    How about a free gift of Stinking Cheese so that in conjunction with a Baguette Launcher and a 6" Stab Knife it makes a Workshop weapon in Paris? It could be called the Boulangerie Bayonet!
  16. King of LCN

    King of LCN Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Mark King ‎Cara Fla how about we have a royal crown as armour a royal white unicorn as vehicle and a royal Camelot sword for weapon
  17. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Welcome to the Forum Karen! So nice to see you here :)
  18. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Why am I not surprised by this suggestion? Nice of you to include Karen's want of a unicorn :)
  19. relu22

    relu22 New Member

    How about german tiger tank from WWII
  20. annasassin

    annasassin New Member

    There's a lot of ladies playing this game. Where is the old mob mom with her elephant gun?
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