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    Buddy, when you are at lvl 2500-3000 trust me, lvl bosses are way better than pvp. You know why? You don't have crowded list of players like you had at lvl 1000 or so. You got limited players (5-15 maximum) to pvp, thus "wasting" stamina on bosses, helps better to lvl up. And challenges/outbrakes of corse. :)
  2. you are saying from level 2500-3000..!
    i am at level 2002 so i think the pvp is still better, but when i go to level 2500 i should see what is better, if i saw pvp is still better i am going to continue that way, but if i see the bosses better i am going to do the bosses
    yup i know that there is not much people on the list to fight, but i have a leveling partner that why i don't care much for the fight list =)
    my current list have only 4 people who are healed !!

    you say that i need to add much to health|stamina|attack|
    so see my stats
    Health 5241 / 28000
    Stamina 1229 / 1570
    Total Attack 2239
    still when i attack stronge bosses i get 200-400 exp
    even if i have more stamina, the refile is only 50 stamina !! so bosses wont be good
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    I'm disappointed... I thought boss blasters would have higher health than that :(
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    some players hog bosses because they leveled them selves into the stratosphere and need a boatload of xp to reach each level, putting the slider on a boss can hold the back somewhat but if they get close to the slider and then it with 20 stamina they go way way over, alot of players use leveling partners, which is also not the smartest thing to do, with out also doing bosses, all they will be is a weak high level player , I see so many do it it is comical to watch
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    I finally found someone who agrees with me.. I dont batlle level.. Its just not right to me.. but you will have to fight heaps of bosses as well as fight to build the strength you need..

    Because of the lvling partners attitude to fighting and building a strong pirate I vote NO to battle drops !!
    These guys made the choice to level like that and I dont see why there should be a reward for doing so..
    Apparently Satanic dude has hit the 5000 max battles on a single pirate.. WoW !! That must feel good
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    Just to bump this thread, this must be the most intersting one on the forum to follow. Unfortunately, some are still blind to see the truth even with stated examples. Truly, truly, boss leveling is the way forward
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    lol. Oddly enough....not to many of those arguing against are seen anymore
  8. bosses leveling can be faster, but wont be much levels. A guy with a 3000 stamina in day 1 he leveled as a pvp, he got around 7 levels, on the next day, day 2, he used the 3000 stamina on bosses ( the bosses that can give him the highest exp he can gain) he will be leveling around 3 levels. That guy had noticed something, DAY 1 he made lots of levels but a long time, on DAY 2 he made less levels, but in a very short time.
    Never say that all top 1s on all servers are a boss levelers, 1st they don't have any around their range, 2nd they burn lots on DJs on stamina refiles, 3rd they are at max stamina 7500 , 4th they don't want to have a lots of losses while they rank on top 1 , and .......
    SUMMARY: Having a leveling partner MORE LEVELS MORE TIME, Doing bosses LESS LEVELS LESS TIME.
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    Sorry bro....but u r dead wrong on pretty much everything other than boss leveling being more expensive. Battle leveling is not even close to being as fast. Yes the top players are levelers and if they arent on some of the newer platforms then they will be in short order when bosses and players become more abundant.
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    oddly enough this is an old thread lol almost 2 years old
  11. can't be wrong in anything i said, i checked both ways !
    simple calculations:
    3000 stamina , level 3500
    PVP.. each win with a close damage 300 exp * 3000 stamina =900,000 exp , in 30-45 mins.
    Bosses.. doing first bosses will give the best exp , 150 attacks(w/ 20 stamina) * 1500 exp = 225,000 exp + 56250 exp (from the collecting) = Total 281250 exp after using 3000 stamina.
    When comparing we will see that a PVP is 3 times more than the bosses !
  12. polishpimp

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    lol..the question whats the fastest way to level, not which way gives more bang for ones buck. Do all the calculations ya want.....the proof is in the results, While your sitting there leveling once while battling I will have gained multiple levels.
  13. you will gain some levels while i am still battling, but once you stop and ran out of stamina .. by time i will be doing some more levels after you stopped leveling ; )
  14. well i like to fight that may be why i got more wins or fighting in then some1 6000 levels above me . and few other players but i feel that 100k in wins per 1000 levels if suitable for a fighting app . but i am starting to agree with bosses being the way to level . one you get drops more often then fighting and yes you spend more stamina then you would fighting but the rewards will make you stronger at the end . if leveling is what your looking for and are under say 900-1700 in level i would fight after you hit that 1850 in level i would do bosses not only to get stronger but take advantage of building up your account . i leveled fast after i hit level 1900 but the person i fought went over 100,000 attacks on each other which was fun but i missed out on building better
  15. pss the higher you level the less ppl will fight in this vc anyways all want to boss level or adventure so take your time leveling believe me it gets boring as hell as you level unless you found some1 willing to level with you
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    That a pretty big "if" there my friend, a successful boss leveler has huge stamina.
  17. totally agree ya, we need to do bosses at some point to get stronger..for me i was a boss leveler, used to do weak bosses to level fast.. now i am level 3500+ with over 1750 captains .. someone with 1450 captains can easily beat me! so just now started to think of getting strong and do strong bosses lol !!!

    well, i was comparing the same person doing the two process... : D
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    Level 3500? Here's a friendly tip... you need WWAAYYY more attack and health...
  19. health i don't think so .. 50000 health .. but low on attack .. 5000 ... I know that, but working hard on stamina cause it is also a bit low .. once it get abit higher .. will start adding on attack .. !!
  20. Soldier of myself

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    the best way "for me" to level up is to smartly use the stamina and energy. plus, you must keep log in everyday... with this way i could reach lvl 100 in 6-7 days.

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