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    It has been said numerous times how this is done...STAMINA, HEALTH, ATTACK and then more STAMINA! Yes...we know that bosses eat stamina....thats why u need LOTS! It has also been said that at the lowest of levels...battling is the way to go until u have built your stamina.

    As with any strategy...there will b some rough patches that one must endure ...but in the end it pays off if u stay on course. Its tough to get to the point where u can level like a madman with bosses.....most who try get frustrated and/or impatient and stray off course, that what separates the few from the masses...some have the drive and determination to ride out the storm and others dont...that unfortunately cant be taught.

    Anybody that thinks battling is faster or strengthens your account more than boss leveling in the long run needs to have their head examined, In VC I did 2500 levels in 30 days without spending a dime and I could have done it quicker, In PC I didnt do it quite as fast do to a smaller player count and the fact that I was way more involved with my VC account....but in the end I did it with bosses. Im now the strongest player in Myspace VC and the 2nd strongest in PC.

    I battle all the time....but I battle my rivals for the fun of kicking their butts ...not to level....not only is it painfully slow to level that way but u only get xp...YUCK! I prefer to get to my destination fast and all the while getting stronger with every attack.....but thats just me...Im funny that way....lol
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    Off the top of my head, my player is level 1766, has 1750 stam, 26k health, 1750 attack, 100 defense (;), 2000 energy, and under 200 clan.

    To get through all the bosses takes approx 30 FP and might have a chance at netting me 10 levels. Im not going to drive myself nutto doing all the silly math, but I am to understand here that a "boss basher" is a player who can not only do math wise at least triple, but closer to six or more exp than me?? And battles arent part of the equation?

    What do you do after the bosses are defeated? Wait 48 hours? And still dust my best?

    Are players walking around with 6000 stamina (I could clear my bosses with 6k stam, but would have no att, def, etc? How many FPs would be left?

    It has yet to be explained how bosses magically appear whenever you need them for 100s of levels at a time.

    It has yet to be explained how the boss attack benefits (@ level 1760 I can get tortuga turtle to up 1100 exp with a power attack. Does a Boss basher get 20k exp from a power hit? ) in regards to exp. Bosses are a small part of my game, something I spend ten minutes on every 2 days, get 10 levels or less, and go back to battle.

    I can only imagine the poster was asking for some evidence of what works and what doesnt, whats fast... Battle levelers point to EXP per fight, stamina sets, FPs, loops, etc.... "Boss Bashers" say: our way is better. No numbers, no examples, no nothing.
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    Your problem is quite simply....u r in dire need of clan. I have far in excess of my 1000 chieftains/mateys that I can actually arm...why? Boss availability. Clan count is hugely important regardless of how u level. Having good clan who support u is even more important. Not sure what your prob with gathering clan is...I got all 1 k of mine in about 30 days because i realized its importance and focused heavily on getting them.

    The more bosses u have available to u...the more selective u can be in regards to which boss and at which level gives u the best XP.

    Giving actual numbers is very difficult due to the countless variables that can come into play such as ones level, the bosses level, whats available at any given time and a players individual stats.

    Yes....if u go extra heavy in any one attribute....other will have to suffer, in my case I played to about level 5k (give or take) with only 1 for defense and still managed to have one of the best win loss ratios in the game winning in excess of 100k more times than losing. how is that u ask? first off...most players neglect stamina and are very unwilling to part with it when they get absolutely horrible XP , besides....who the hell wants to help level their rivals any how by giving them better xp off u? Secondly...for those pesky rivals who just want to attack u repeatedly just because they can beat a higher level....them counter prices drop real quick and i attack and counter them at the same time...doubling my wins not to mention racking up the kills.
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    there is no such thing as a boss lvl'r in MW, but that is the only app that i play so in my opinion there is no such thing as a boss lvl'r...lol
  5. then why does wrecks have the most boss kills????
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    The guy who originally asked the question is a PC player and wanted to know how to level fast in PC...not MW.

    If in your opinion there is no such thing as a boss leveler and u only play MW......why is it u have such a strong opinion on it when u have nothing to compare battle leveling with? lol
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    Sorry to be offtopic, but 5.000 attacks is way too much considering Zombie Slayer with 40.
  8. what do you man by this?!
    bosses can be the best way to level?!
    NO WAY
    i think fighting is better !!
    let say if you attack any pirate and and you get atleast 100exp and i think you may also get 150-180
    but let say 100exp
    and in bosses if you attack them you will get the best thing 1100+exp(with 20 stamina)
    in fights let say you got 100exp per fight so it will be this way (100*20=2000)
    so NO WAY bosses better then fights :)
  9. results dont lie

    best XP per stam ratio is PvP

    HOWEVER its much faster to level off bosses

    results dont lie :)
  10. nope the figts is not faster, let me tell you something
    if you are busy and want to do some levels fast then you need to do bosses
    if you have 1500 stamina and you used them on the first 3 bosses and the 3 bosses are on a high level 100+
    so that way you can do 3-5 levels with bosses in less then 5 mins

    for fights it give better exp but it is slower way to level up and take more time,
    if you are not busy you should do this way :)

    now let compare between bosses and battles in another way

    a person who have 1500 stamina just do bosses can do 3-5 levels(do 3-5 levels in 5 mins)

    a person who have 1500 stamina do battles can do 10-15 levels(do 10-15 levels in some hours)
  11. rivals you finally get to see my true stats

    Health 29710 / 29710
    Energy 36 / 1000
    Stamina 55 / 1135
    Total Attack 5770
    Total Defense 7780

    this one simply isnt built for bosses

    its built for PvP

    if i tried to level off bosses(kinda forced to anyway)leveling is real slow

    Health 23000 / 23000
    Energy 95 / 411
    Stamina 1610 / 3407
    Total Attack 5874
    Total Defense 611

    this one can level both ways

    but it has the stats to level quite nicely off bosses

    can pull 10 levels off the right bosses which of course is a stam refill

    can also level PvP but for this account its built as a boss blaster

    simply has the right allocation for it(plus this one has some hoarded skill points)

    basically to sum it up is this

    that first pirate i showed is my very first pirate level 3440...joined 855 days ago(myspace)

    the 2nd one is one i created not even a yr ago on one of the other social networks....level 2747..joined 268 days ago

    the 2nd one i leveled about 95% off bosses and roughly 5% PvP

    for the 1st one it was leveling PvP mainly then bosses now both(though it levels extremely slow now)

    results dont lie

    boss levelers gain more levels if they build properly and attack the right bosses
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  12. NO WAY !!!
    only 1 way the bosses can be good for leveling
    if the refile after finishing the level is a full refile, then you can level up with some good levels with bosses =)

    but still fighting is better (remember leveling partner can also do much even if the refile is not full)
  13. im sure someone can calculate how much faster the other pirate is leveling compared to my first
  14. and you can see how much faster my other one is leveling by bosses

    i got no doubt if i found a level partner for my first pirate it would gain some levels

    but even with that my other one will get higher in level than it

    not to mention boss levelers have much stronger inventory
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  15. agree you only with this point :p

    if you know anyone who work on kano(eric,....) ask him
    and sure he will tell you that fght is faster to level..

    bosses is just a supporter..

    tell me how do you think bosses is faster to level?!
    bosses can be waste of stamina if you care for leveling !!!
  16. i can tell you for myspace that our #1 ranks on both viking and pirate got to there level by bosses

    let me show you just what bosses did for our #1 rank

    look at the level difference

    if you dont believe me make a myspace account and look at the difference first hand

    8,149 is myspaces #1 level for pirate

    3,867 is #2

    can we see a big level gap here

    #2 only recently started her climb to the top after not focusing on this app for some time

    see what bosses did for #1

    gave nearly a 5000 level gap
  17. now for viking the levels are a bit closer together but the top players are boss levels

    they trumped the PvP levelers like they werent even there
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    As Wrath asked me, I present mathematical proof that boss blasting will get you farther than PvP (unless you have loads of partners and loads of time)

    AS's two pirates:
    Level 3440 Privateer Pirate (MS) - PvP-Tank
    Joined 855 days ago
    This translates to 4 Levels a day.

    Level 2749 Raj Pirate (hi5) - Boss Blaster
    Joined 268 days ago
    This translates to 10 Levels a day.

    Any questions anyone?
  19. let me tell you why the bosses don't allow you to level up fast,
    when you do strongest bosses, you will get only 300-450 exp points (20 stamina)

    waste of stamina!!
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    That's why you blast mid-level bosses, invest tons of points in att/health/stam and select "Only Stamina" as Daily Reward. You can collect tons of Mid-level drops this way which can be kludged together to good weapons in the Workshop. I wonder how many Elite Weapons Polish already has on VC and PC.

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