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    What is the fastest way to level up?Need to catch up with these high rollers quick.:confused:
  2. best exp per stamina is player vs players HOWEVER its faster to level up off of bosses once you realize which gives good exp and which give next to none.

    as proven already.
  3. One more note that it's only faster to level off bosses AFTER you have built your character up through battling on the fight list. Make sure you have at least 1000 stamina 10000 health and 1000 attack before you start blasting bosses, only do the bare minimums on your own until then even. If you just start whacking bosses early on you'll stall out and get stuck. The XP is just not good enough if you aren't packing a good punch that can be thrown over and over and over again.
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    You need 2 things to level FAST. Actually 3, but heres the 2 in game:

    - Stamina. More stamina= more fights= more levels per stamina round/ set. STAMINA is key, I can explain if anyone has questions.

    - A player to play with. If you have someone to heal for you, and you heal for them.... with enough stamina, skys the limit.

    The third thing you will need is to be willing..... if you want to level fast you will need to put in a couple of thousand of fights PER DAY, at least... so you better be willing to put in the time. If you have enough stamina and a "level partner", the only limits on leveling is how long you can stay at the screen either atttacking or healing.

    I can (I dont all the time) level at will using this method, provided a partner, but I am sure there are other ways of going fast. Thousands and thousands of energy might get a player going fast at some point, but that takes patience, and isnt fast to begin with.

    Leveling off of bosses is fine, but consider this: You can only attack a boss every 2 days. So.... Lets say you find a partner and spend an hour or 2 attacking and healing for each other.... you get 50 levels, which is 50 favor points.... with that 50 favor points and enough stamina (stamina is the key, remember?), I can pound every boss in a matter of minutes with stamina recharges.... leaving me basically 2 days with no bosses to attack except other players bosses.... so if your point is to go fast, you aint gonna do it waiting to attack bosses.

    You dont need captains, you dont need attack, you dont need defense.... all you need is someone to befriend who will help you, because in the end, you are helping her/ him....health, attack, weapons, ships, mateys...... adjust those attributes to get the maximum (or close to it) exp per attack, and level as fast as you want to.

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    what ever u do.....do not listen or take this guys advice as it pertains to bosses....he obviously has no clue and is blind to the fact that the top players regardless of network r boss levelers! Captains r paramount to your success.....they mean more boss availability!
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    Speaking of lvling partner, why is there no fight cap on Pirate Clan?

    And to answer your question, if you don't have many friends, use A'LOT of STAMINA. If you have friends, run the fighting list or even the top list (depending on your lvl).
  7. on pirate,lcn and viking there is a limit of 5000 attacks on 1 player in 24hrs

    believe it or not ive hit it a few times
  8. Ace

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    Bosses are in no way better than fights. I get over 170 XP on each fight with 1 stamina, while bosses give me at most 1300 with 20. You do get an extra 25% of those 1300 when the boss dies, but then again it'd be a total of 1560 XP per 20 stamina, which would mean 78 XP per stamina. Less than half.

    Still, not all players give that high XP and keep healed long enough for you to whack. The higher levels level up with bosses because there's no other way for em since the fightlists are very small. Bosses are (almost) always there for you AND they grant you items while you spend your stamina.

    If you wanna level fast, have as high stamina as you can, add as many people as you can and if you don't really care about being too strong, buying Stamina refills instead of Hired Captains with your FPs can make your leveling way faster.
  9. polishpimp

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    Have to disagree with ya on a couple things. Bosses are definitely better than fights, u said it yourself....in addition to the XP u also get the drops. Which by far makes up for any lesser XP. All u have to do is look at the leader boards and see who is rising fast and who are the most powerful....while there... please note those that r rapidly descending on the leader boards and are being surpassed in strength by more players everyday. Before bosses it was all about fighting .......simply not the case anymore due to battle limits per player (which is good because of rampant bot use amongst many of the old school fight levelers) and the complete lack of the ever so valuable drops.

    Secondly...myself and other high leveled boss levelers choose to level with bosses because it is far superior to fight leveling.....not because of a smaller fight list. I could max out everyday on battles vs certain players if chose to....but it just wouldnt make any sense. Rather....i use my fight list and leveling partners to supplement my leveling when bosses r scarce

    As someone stated previously....fight leveling is great at the very early stages of the game as players are stamina deficient. Use this time to build your stamina to the point u have created a "loop".

    Battle leveling quickly becomes time consuming and inevitably leaves your account weak and vulnerable. Use both methods of leveling while building towards a boss leveling machine
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    gonna have to disagree with u here...fights give u the best xp/stam ratio so for a person that is asking for the faster way to lvl that would be to fight (of course with a lvl partner)...as far as bosses go, u lvl up nowhere near a much as u can from fighting bc u run out of stam way too fast and then ur done...also it depends on what bosses u attack for the boss drops and the ones that usually stick in ur inventory are very high in lvl

    if by boss lvl'n u are referring to ur own bosses then u can only do this once every 2 days, if u are referring to any coop boss posted then the lower the boss lvl the LESS xp u are given so boss lvl'n is actually a waste of time and stam in my opinion especially since it limits all of ur skill pts to stam and health (that will be at least 3 out of every 5 pts each lvl up) and in the long run u end up weaker anyway after they finally altered the way att/def pts are weighted even with the addition of all boss drops being used in crafting
  11. Ace

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    Polish has a point on what refers to time, but the XP ratio per stamina is still lower. Basically, both ways have strong and weak points:

    -More XP per stamina.
    -Takes more time to spend stamina.
    -Gets no gear with their stamina.
    -They depend of other players.

    -Less XP per stamina.
    -Takes less time to spend stamina.
    -Gets geared while leveling up.
    -It's easier to find bosses than to find leveling partners.
  12. polishpimp

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    Wrong wrong wrong and even more wrong.....lol.. really the only correct thing u said was that "fights give u the best xp/stam ratio"(and thats not always true).....but what u left out is the fact that in VC u are limited to a 1 stamina attack per attack and that u r also limited to 5k attacks on any one player per 24 hr period. In PC (the forum category we r in) does allow for a power attack after every 4 or 5 hits but u r still limited to 5k attacks per player per day. With bosses u r allowed to use a 20 stamina attack....and an even more powerful attack is being considered by Kano. In addition.....the xp/ stam ratio varies whether your fighting another player or a boss. Depending on your opponent....your xp/stam ratio can be far less than that of a quality boss and vice versa. But granted....the XP/stam ratio is usually better per battle. But lets not foget what the OPs question was.....he asked what the "fastest" way to level was.

    Its not even close! Once again....go to the leader board....pick a top ranked player and ask them how they level. "Jillian thyra Johansson" #1 player in myspace VC, and #2 in myspace PC levels with bosses! I myself...ex #1 player in myspace VC with my "retired" account(currently still #5), currently #2 player in myspace VC with over 6k levels in less than 270 days......2500 of those levels were done in 30 days! Im currently #8 or 9 in PC...but i havent played it all that long and I rarely play it. My good friend Thrand "the towel" oliver....#4 in myspace VC and #3 in myspace PC. ALL BOSS LEVELERS! U will find it exactly the same way on FB.

    "the lower the level boss the lower the xp"???? ummmmm WRONG! There r many variables that go in to determining what boss and at what level give u the best xp. Normally it will work out the lower to mid level bosses will give the best xp. but once again there are many variables.

    When u say that "xp/stam ratio" is better for fighting....u are totally omitting the value of the boss drops u get along the way. When fighting and wasting your stamina you r not getting these drops......it is u fighters that inevitably end up being weak in the end.....ask all the former topped ranked players who relied on fighting and were to stubborn to adapt to bosses. When I or any other player level with bosses....we r getting both the xp and leveling(at a faster rate due to the "power attack") and accumulating thousands of much more powerful drops that u fighters dont have.

    The higher/newer bosses dont give as good of XP but the trade off is waaaaay better drops and rewards. Eventually....some of the drops become worthless as u accumulate better drops from other bosses.....thats where blacksmithing comes in......all of a sudden them crappy drops u no longer use become elite or even legendary status by the hundreds if not thousands and r right back to being used in your battles. It has been months and months since ive used anything in my inventoy (weapon or warrior) that was purchased.....the worst warriors and weapons i use are high leveled boss drops......Do u really think Im weak? Players with way more overall Attack than I have Def. dont even come close to beating me....why? Boss drops from leveling with bosses. So when u say that Att/def suffers because i allocated to stamina and health I laugh....I DONT NEED AS MUCH ATT/DEF

    In the earliest stages of building ones account battling is important as u can level fast and win often due to the fact u need very little xp to level and the majority of accounts ur fighting are abandoned accounts. That is exactly why its a great opportunity to start stockpiling heath and stamina.....because extreme high att/def is not necessary at those levels to win. If u allocate enough to stamina u can create what is called a loop (yes it is possible to do with bosses) which allows u to level many more times than the ten u need to refill your stamina.....in fact.....not only can u have enough to refill your stamina .....u can have plenty left over to hire chiefs at a good clip. This gets more difficult the higher in levels u go....so i suggest u start sooner rather than later.

    The results dont lie....not only is boss leveling faster...ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE....in addition...BOSS LEVELERS R BY FAR THE MOST POWERFUL PLAYERS IN THE GAMES!
  13. PvP is best exp per stam ratio

    HOWEVER its faster to level off bosses if you built your character correctly

    the top leaders are mostly boss levelers

    that alone should show that its quicker blasting bosses

    even though PvP does give best exp per stam
  14. Bo Baby

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    if what i said about the lower the boss lvl the less xp u are given is wrong, then PC is set up in a totally diff way than MW but so ur telling me that u get the same xp for the 1st boss on the game at a lvl5 as u do for the 5th boss at lvl5? that is definitely not the case especially since the apps weigh the health of the boss when determining xp and this i know from experience...i will run out of stam way faster attacking bosses than i will with a lvl partner...but now if u have a lvl partner and the 2 of u are not smart enough to work it out to get the best xp then shame on u anyway...lol, but this is a numbers game and the numbers dont lie...blasting bosses does not lvl u fast enough on MW

    the top lvl'rs have a select few to fight and more than likely they do not have lvl partners so to say that it is faster to boss lvl when u have nothing to compare it to is beyond me, but for the most part u are going to feel ur way and i am going to feel my way...however a boss lvl'r can only continue to attack bosses that have no limit set unless u of course are attacking alt acct bosses which would give u unlimited bosses depending on how many alts are being used and even if there is a 5k attack limit this doesnt matter bc while there isnt technically a limit on the bosses u can attack there is truly more searching involved to find bosses that allow u to blast through them...but like i said u are gonna feel ur way and i am gonna feel my way but i did notice how ur "leaderboards" had nothing to do with MW so KANO must give u a diff advantage with bosses on the app of this topic as well as VC

    now i will admit though that the new workshop (with the use of boss "drops") has brought a new aspect into the game for the boss blasters since yes they do build more elite and optimal items so that argument holds a lot of weight on ur end

    i dont know ANYTHING about PC but i like to comment on all games bc i would like to believe that they are all similar in fashion as far as how things are weighted but i could be 100% wrong with that thinking if PC is weighted differently than MW with regards to bosses...however, i would NEVER know this unless i start an acct...haha
  15. Ace

    Ace Member

    I believe that you're arguing a lot since leveling up on PC is way easier than leveling up on LCN. Creating the "loop" polish speaks of on LCN, is almost impossible, have a look at the XP you need to level:

    LCN: Level: 726
    15521 / 40900

    PC: Level: 1543
    13365 / 15430

    Sure, PC has some XP jumps later on, but it's still NOWHERE as slow as LCN when it comes to leveling up. You don't need as much gear as you need on PC either, doing the minimum damage on the high-tier bosses is almost enough so it's more arguable over there if bosses or fights are better.

    On PC, I haven't got that much stamina to do the loop thing, but I see that I can beat people with up to 200+ captains while having pretty low att/def, mainly since I spend like a 90% of my stamina killing bosses. So yeah, I'm guessing bosses are the way to be strong. My high health allows me to kill people up to level 3000 with ambushes when they bother me as well.
  16. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    ahhh, see now that makes a lot more sense...the apps are totally different...LOL, well i guess there is prolly no need for me to comment on any app other than MW...haha, but i dont see this happening...smh

    thats crazy...twice as high a lvl and almost 3x less xp needed to lvl so thats why the highest MW lvl has not cracked 4k but yet PC mentions people that are 6k and possibly higher...lol
  17. blackheartpimp

    blackheartpimp New Member


    1st: I dont know if anyone has noticed, but adding pirates is near impossible now. I put add mes every place I go and still have under 200 clan. I also am in no way shape or form going to purchase hired captains, or have my emails and phone spammed until infinity from the offers. That leaves me with a max of 1000 clan, and at level 1750+ now, no chance of ever beating anybody with a full clan of 2000, no matter what my attack is, drops are, etc....

    Also: Boss battles/ Fight battles..... There is NO WAY for me to find enough bosses to fight to do the leveling being discussed. Just isnt going to happen. The thread asked whats the fastest way to level, and for any player starting out, finding a level partner and increasing stamina religiously is the way to go. If further along the line someone has figured out an even faster way through boss battles, I can accept that.

    - For me, 20- 25 levels a day (more if Im close to a goal set) is pretty fast. I beat all my bosses every 48 hours, help with others bosses, but my leveling is done with a partner.

    - I am sure my lack of clan hurts me when scanning for other bosses to beat, but to this day I have yet to see an opportunity to attack a boss in Fiddlers Green or Athens, leaving me drop free of those bosses goodies.

    What will happen in PC is what happens in all of these games: the first players exploit the loopholes, get more powerful then the rest, then the devs close loopholes, leaving the beginners with a harder hill to climb and the early birds with all the spoils. Eventually this gap widens, newer players dont see the point in trying to catch up to the runaway trains of game, a couple of dominant Armadas will run the game, and the smaller players become fodder for the bigger clans. After that you have a core group of gamers at levels so high it seems silly to even chase, newer players get frustrated, and the games participants start sliding downwards. The lower end battle fields are full of players who never went anywhere, the upper end battle fields become a fraternity of players who all know each other (friends or not), and only a few players anywhere else. You can debate me all you want on this, its what happens.

    These games are created all the time. Newcomers want to feel like they have a chance, and a different, newer game is usually where they find that chance.

    Last: I was super detailed with exactly how I can level fast. If someone wanted to follow my advice, they could find my words telling them how. Everything Ive heard about "boss leveling" is just those 2 words. There is never an explaination of how that exactly works. If I am a level 1 player I can level super fast adding a small amount of attack, a couple of hired captains, and massive amounts of stamina, all with only having one boss to attack and adding zero captains. Can anyone explain how to gain hundreds of levels (starting at level 1) by attacking bosses? Im not saying you cant, just asking how.
  18. Ace

    Ace Member

    Well I don't know why you can't, but when I used the free speaker obtained via-daily reward (means for free, no FPs) and posted "Add me" over there, I got over 20 invites by doing it just once. I recall World Bosses as another nice way of recruiting, but since I delete people from my friendlist once they're in, I used to get invites from the same people over and over, so I quit doing posting there.

    As for getting into bosses, yes, a large squad is the only way you can do it. Mine isn't exactly big (around 600 people) but I manage to get inside some Makemakes or Sky Serpents. Didn't have any luck with Athens yet :p
  19. jothong

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    I play on PC - and I can tell you the bosses here are stamina suckers. You want to level fast? Get a leveling partner. You want to be POWERFUL? Use the bosses to get their drops.

    I'm level 3,090 and get maybe 2-300xp hitting a high level boss (like a Sky Serpent) with a 5x stamina boost. I need 92700 xp to level up. See the problem here?

    I can get 225xp hitting someone off my battle board once - but no drops obviously.

    Here's an example from a recent boss battle (level 24 Sky Serpent)

    XP - 35,994 (altogether including the bonus) ... hits 272

    That averages out to 132 xp per hit.
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  20. thats why if you build as a boss blaster you have to build properly

    my hi5 pirate is built to blast bosses

    has the health attack and of course the large amount of stamina needed

    im level 2729 on hi5 and have more stam than my level

    bosses is the fastest way to level once your built properly

    PvP however still gives best exp per stam(MOST of the time)
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