less of a fight game ?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by kmob, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. kmob

    kmob New Member

    the fight list seems to be identical each time. maybe 15 other players at level 400. sometimes my fight list has 3 people.

    is the game now designed to be more of a jobs/boss random number card game clicker, rather than fight attacking ?
  2. Doc Morpheus

    Doc Morpheus Member

    you are right, its not a fight game anymore ;)
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    At higher levels the fight lists get cleared out pretty fast from other players putting them in the hospital.

    We are working on improving the sourcing of the fight list and at ways to keep the fight list better populated.

    It is still very much a fighting game, it is just that majority of people have been put into the hospital at the higher levels.
  4. kmob

    kmob New Member

    not if there is no 1 to click on :rolleyes: ;)
    thanks Kendall
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  5. FallenKnight

    FallenKnight Member

    Kendall is right. I am in the high 700's and most of my fight list is 1000 and up. Maybe they can set you up with a special privilege for your account so you can see the entire mob wars that is not in ur mob..lol doubt that...want more a fight list? Demob the dead weight.
  6. Doc Morpheus

    Doc Morpheus Member

    Im a level 417. Its not a high level but not really low level either.

    If I look at peoples stats on the fight list, a lot of them are not doing fights.

    Why? Because people are doing Boss fights and jobs. They dont even spend their stam on bounty hunting.

    Some dont even like to be attacked and will instantly hitlist you if they cant fight back. Why cant they fight back? Well first of all, they dont even fill their mobs and make do with 2-300 hundred people in their mob. This is not Kanos fault, of course, but just a symptom of what is wrong.

    So thats why I dont think it is a fighting game anymore ;)

    I dont really want to complain, but it is how I think the game is now.
  7. Assassino Anonimo

    Assassino Anonimo New Member

    I noticed that it is because almost everyone my mob is in my range...
    Just my 2 cents.

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