LCN Secret Crafting Hints: Magblade and Spike Club

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by DarkStratus, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. DarkStratus

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    Two Items
    One item is a crafted item
    One item is a gift

    Spike Club
    Three Items
    One item is a Boss Drop
    Two of the items are gifts
  2. Gazember

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    Thanks, LOL , The Magblade its very easy, solved with the second try, but its still very expensive to craft, 3 gifts in total and 32 billions.
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  3. maddog1122

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    Hints are not really useful to your syndicate, If you know what it takes jsut pass it onto those who have helped you all the time.
  4. Ottimo!

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    You have successfully crafted the following item:

    Spike Club
    39 Attack
    53 Defense
    Quantity Crafted : x1 pulse pistol is cheaper and better.... 44/54

    WHELER Banned


    any clues?:) i know its the havana m2 drop, but there are so many gifts,lol

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