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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Smack, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. So, I assume this was a Beta test and it no longer is active, because I have gone several days without seeing these whacked mobsters on my fight list.

    Either that or the code was updated so they would not show up if your fight list was full or almost full, but that defeats the point, because if there is at least 1 mob on your fight list you have someone to fight.

    As I have posted before, my mob is small, so having a full fight list of 1000+ mob sizes does me no good, and having whacked mobs to fight opens my options up.

    Edit: There are 8 mobs on my fight list. None of them are whacked.

    Edit#2: Whacked Mobster Fights
    Whacked Wins: 128 Whacked Losses: 13

    I'll check back in a few days and let you know if that changes any.
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  2. Why is it that I only see this about once a week? Why is it that my fight list can look like this and I still see no 'whacked' bosses? This is a fair part of the game, but if the code is not working correctly, it may need to be examined, or more explanation needs to be given about how it works.

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  3. Marc14

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    What's the fun about fighting dead mobsters, fighting people whithout them knowing they are attacked? First of all, a wacked win looks silly in your stats because you and everybody else knows that you did those fights with no chance for retaliation. Second, a wacked loss looks completely ridiculous because you didn't even win from a mobster that's in the hospital :)
  4. Lil Jonny

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    Do you not think thats a bit contradictory? In the ^5 thread you guys mention about this game been fair to all players but this update throws that out of the window. People below level 500 can see people who have minimal health but out of the ER and they can attack kill/punch kill them for stat padding so they can climb the leader board. After level 500 you can no longer do that and the players who was playing after this update would also have a huge advantage as well.

    Also, i would not like to be shown on the fight list as a "whacked mobster" even if i don't know about it or affects my stats... it allows users to test themselves against me without no retaliation.

    To me personally it seems a bit of a silly update and i'd prefer to have the same chance as everyone else to get on the leader board with kills etc.
  5. have a question , thought whacked mobsters were inactive players . last 2 days I am seeing active players in those lists. Is this a change ?
  6. Seppo

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    those are people who are in hospital or dead....

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