[LCN] Developer Update January 24 - Elite Mobsters

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    We just released some Elite Mobsters updates:

    • Ability to enable/disable contract spots allowing you more control over the power rating of your player (player requested change). This allows players to now disable the increase power attacks if they don't want them.
    • Persistant storage of recruit posts for elites, no longer inactive links because of loss of cache, as promised we will continue to go through features to minimize the impact to users when caching servers die
    • Player profile links only show if they are in Mob/Friend, this has been one of the top support issues that has been on our todo lists for a while. If you have a rival that you have had interaction with they will show up in your rivals list, if you are using links to punch friends of known rivals that is not what the features intent is, there are other ways to pick up rivals instead of getting them through elites.

    As always feedback on this change is appreciated.


    -Friends/Mob members can now see links of elites even if they are not friends with the players, this will still allow for players to make new connections through those channels.

    Update 2:

    -Profile Links will also show if you are Syndicate members with the player or profile owner.
    -Syndicate tags are included with the players name.
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  2. What does this mean: You have been added to XXXXXXX's Elite Mobsters as the Mastermind, if available, XXXXXXX has also been added to your Elite Mobsters.100001221968978_330217407009415 <==?
  3. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Thanks for the post, that message has been corrected.
  4. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We just released an update, see above.
  5. You really screwed up the game this time with your latest stunt :(
    Since you've locked most of my targets by making 'em white i have no bloody chance of retaliating :(
    Eric Haight didn't want to respond to this on STRIKE so i re-post...

    If Eric Haight wants to lock all you aren't mobbed up with, he could at least disable the darned option to hide your members in your syndicate!! :( With all this darned locked-up-thingy i have absof**kinglutely NO chance to get to my rivals anymore!! SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!! :(

  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    You were using elites of rivals to retaliate? If you are looking to retaliate, aren't those players available from either your game history and/or rivals list?
  7. Chosen One

    Chosen One Member

    maybe we want to attack not retaliate , and we can`t find those players , because u keep hiding them away. first u lock up all the syndicates and all the people who use alts or are cowars enough to play in the shadows and hide can`t even be touched when they crawl out and join an elite. i always believed this game is ment for players to attack each other , and that this is a fighting game , not a hiding game , like developers are making it !
  8. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Can we just have the links put back on peoples Elites please...At this rate no one will be able to find anyones link if they aren't on a leaderboard somewhere!
  9. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah and the ability to enable/disable Elites lol you should have asked before you wasted time sorting that out...All you have to do is is get rid of your personals!

    Can I have a job at Kano Apps? :D
  10. disabling elites was suggested

    disabling plus getting rid of loadout can possibly give better exp

    or in some cases give rivals less exp

    dont have to disable them

    purely optional
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  11. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    @foxysiren - some weren't abusing the elites but some definitely were which has negatively impacted new users experience to the game. From our original release we have made a couple changes to make links always viewable from a friends / mobsters / Syndicate members page, from a rivals page only those that you are friends / mobsters / syndicate members with. LCN rules are very open, which can be a negative experience for new users, imagine joining an elite contract of someone you just became friends in-game with and all of a sudden you are being punched / hitlisted by players 1000's of levels above you.

    I understand that this change may be upsetting for some players, as change usually is, but for now we want to run this test to see if the negative complaints and metrics improve for that area. I am sorry that we have left it as is for so long without making this change earlier. We want to get more players into the game so that you can have more rivals to beat up, picking off newer players though the elites is what this change was targeted at, right now it may encompass some true rivals so we will be looking into that.

    The links may be back in the near future if we can figure out how to remove the negative experience for true new players.
  12. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Everything is becoming hidden :(
    It is just a game and at the end of the day people need to realise this :)
    I've been here a long long time and no one comes to see me very much so links can be useful sometimes!
  13. wsmdel

    wsmdel Member

    the disable feature mainly benifits those too lazy to change their personals for when they level with an lp and they anit quite matched ,
    just makes it quicker for them and i thought kano didnt really want players using LP's ?

    i think its wrong to hide any links ,if you choose to be an elite of a naus then you should be open to attacks? all part of the game.
    of course if you didnt protect the lower levels so much we wouldnt have to look at hitting on their elites. too many changes benifit the wrong players in this game , seem like you get what you want if you whine enough around here.
  14. Chosen One

    Chosen One Member

    i got punched and listed by people 1000 levels above me kendall , and did not need devs to ruin the game with one more hiding option. guess what i did ! i played the game , punched back , and HAD FUN ! u are not atracting new people to the game by hiding syndicate players , and by blocking elite`s links ! new players do not care about this option. by this u are just ruining the game a bit more for players that are in this game for one or more years. you keep encouraging hiding , not fighting , in a fighting game. instead of adding new fight achievements , or developing a better fight system , u are so concerned of hiding players ! i do not know who asked such stupid things , but you need to ask first and add the change later.
  15. You're all under arrest...

    The thing is a noob doesn't know what players are like, they just want to mob-up. A noob may also have problems getting his own Elites filled so just goes through the requests - In case you hadn't noticed, if you become someone's Elite they also become yours... I still often find it's quicker to fill my Elites that way. Nothing to do with who they are - they just happen to have spaces.

    The big element that is missing from the game is "The Feds". Maybe Kano should incorporate a jail for people who overstep the mark and attack people who outside of their range too often? Lock them out of the game and stop them earning points/money and mobbing-up for a day or two or something?

    If you want something to complain about you might ask why can't the number of job assists/gifts, etc, be linked to the size of our mob? It seems we're only able to help the same number of people whether we've got a mob of 100 or 1000... A few clicks and that's me locked out of helping anyone for another 20 hours.. How mad is that?

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