KP2 into KP1 Platform Merger

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Merge KP2 the Old Myspace with KP1 Facebook, or Let KP2 die nicely in the trend its going?

  1. One Battlefield! Merge em! I want to kill em all wherever they are!

  2. Let KP2 die on its lonesome with less and less player interest ....zzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz

  1. Snowtiger

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    Actually Kano (Mitch) said, "We are not ruling that possibility out entirely for some future date, but a server merger will not be happening for the foreseeable future." The way I see it is that on some future date, Kano will already have input on how people feel about the issue due to this thread. It may not happen in the foreseeable future, but a company needs to know how its customers feel about an issue when coming up with long term goals.
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  2. Kel the Merciful King

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    I think "we" see constructive criticisms on the issues, pro and con, etc. And that is the point of the topic.

    Were there choices to stay or enter a "door" and say play the common battlefield, that you can go back from (IDEA DEPT!), maybe even a middle ground could be tried. Create a middle game platform for all to enter and exit from. I think Kano even had a game that featured this kind of thing, in terms of multiple battle worlds at the same level. You went into one and found opponents and left when you wanted to, to find other opponents in the other world. Both places dead ... stam done, playtime done.

    Re the double accounts, as long as you play one at a time, what is the problem? Its action.

    Reminder: the software engineering should not stop a good idea to enhance play and interest. If the gates are shuttered to new ideas, the games are dead.

    I note to inactivity, the VC variants barring the Kong - Armor common battlefield, have a thing called "war mode" which basically gives a reason for activity. Am told no other game has it which in a personal opinion is a shame. At least those active gamers, could play that mode and find things to do socially in a team. Yes, there is death involved and yes higher levels have advantages but so do lower levels in scoring. It works out.
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  3. AlterEgoT

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    True yet not.

    No one above level 800 can afford to play rb on ZS.
    Arena you better be ready to invest heavily in UN and you still not going to level much which is what most folks use it for now since there is no fight aspect to it.
    Bosses are complete for 80% of the game. So an under level 10 is dead in seconds. So not very many even bother opening them.

    So let me ask you this. How many folks has kano turned off.

    The xp sucks and you have to use massive un to play the events.
    The game content is completed for a large segment of the game
    The Hitlist is so bad now as to be about useless
    The fightlists die the second they heal out of the hospital so nothing bothers to heal except for the 45 seconds it takes for gp

    so yeah. while the game still has the non pvp/social parts of the game. There is no fun left in them for a good part of the game.
  4. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    because if it happens or not kano is reading to see what folks want to decide how to proceed in the future.

    and why do you care if we beat a dead horse? We're talking here. and believe it or not. GASP ideas come from discussion.
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  5. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure I understand your last paragraph but spot on with the rest.

    I would be open to battlefields even creating a shared leaderboard etc. My issue at this late stage is if I want to go play on FB I'll play on fb. The social aspect on kp suits me better so that's where I usually hang. And the idea of giving up my little fighter isn't really appealing either. With the content dying popping back and forth allows a number of us to play for longer periods. if we don't have that outlet we grow bored too quickly and it soon becomes no longer worth showing up.

    But I am intrigued at what it would take to have if nothing else a new war event pitting the platforms etc. That could be real fun. The shared battle field bouncing back and forth might be tough to implement since how many would go fight hard then pop back to the other one to remain unattackable? how would that effect health etc. But they might could do a finite event with a shared list and set stuff as in BA only fought like you would your Fightlist instead.

    Nifty idea certainly worth exploring.
  6. Gogolak

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    since this seems to be a hot topic, i thought i would mention this again.
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    thanks! it seems that some of us are a little confused about this. maybe it can be posted in different languages or something to make it clearer?
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