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  1. Kano should create a toolbar tracking various things across the games. Especially World Boss attacks, but also current stamergy (stamina/energy) and how long until the energy boost is available (an hourglass or egg-timer type thing).

    Maybe health too if it would be possible without it lagging too much, as i am forever being PK'd while in a different app to the one i'm being killed in.

    Maybe there could be a bar for each app if it's too much to fit in a single toolbar for all 4 apps.

    I know most people will play maximised (F11'd) but it wouldn't be too hard to occasionally revert to windowed mode to check current status and then back to full screen to resume playing.

    Just throwing this idea out there, please feel free to bounce it off eachother's heads and such up in the Kano heavens / Asgard / Whatever you would like to call your headquarters...
  2. not a bad suggestion
  3. OMG... Quick, somebody pinch me.. Are you actually saying this hasn't "already been suggested" ? :eek:

    I'm having a look at some Pay Per Install sites to try and find out if that would be of any use, where it sounds like you get paid for every time the toolbar is downloaded and installed.
    (Sounds like that woodstain, does what it says on the tin :D )

    Being paid for something you offer players for free would be great, I don't think players should have to buy this toolbar and it shouldn't give an unfair advantage to those who use it.

    It should just assist those who play more than a single Kano App.

    May the (Kano) 4's be with you. SHZOOOMM!
  4. i dont THINK its been suggested

    it coulda been

    but i havent seen it yet

    its a great suggestion though
  5. That PPI stuff sounds dodgy, talk of spyware and such i don't think it's worth the risk.

    But on the other hand, that Z-something-company does toolbars for most of it's games.. And anything they can do, Kano can do better!
    (as long as it is not spamming popups to buy UN, cos that would drive players away rather than earn more money)

    People will want to rush ahead of the pack, or give the impression of playing ability where there is very little, whether they are spammed with popups offering them UN or not. There is no need. Let people choose to buy their way to the top without harrassing them about it (the way it is now :D )

    If someone camping the forum as much as you hasn't seen it, then it can't have already been suggested..
  6. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    Please beware that other apps have toolbars and have had them hacked and info acquired and used for harmful intentions.
  7. gods people

    gods people Active Member


    doesent mean to say it wouldent work though. would be a good idea. :)
  8. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    I'd so use the toolbar I'm always losing track of time and forgetting when my next world boss attack/energy pack is. :p
  9. I like this
  10. Kevin Sievers

    Kevin Sievers New Member

    Ya know, those Zyngreedy-something guys went outsourcing and signed on for their toolbars with a "community toolbar" maker. Maybe our beloved Kanos should look into this type of thing. That company that those Zyngreedyguts went with also has "generic" toolbars that anyone can dl and add their own content to. << at least as of about this time last year they still did. That's how I track/link my own fb games/apps. I just have to do all my own quick updates.

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