Kano Play Updates June 5 2014

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    Today we're bringing out an update to Kano Play as a platform. While this probably won't affect most of our players it still helps to be aware of these changes just in case.

    What we're doing is something I've affectionately termed the "Kano Play Backup" where players who run into issues with their Facebook account can continue playing their game on Kano Play Server 1. Since Server 1 is the same environment on Facebook, players will need to link their existing Facebook account to Kano Play. Here's how you can do this if you have not done so already:
    • Login to your Kano Play account (or sign up for one for free!)

    • Connect to a Server 1 game at the bottom of Kano Play

    • Click Connect to Facebook when prompted (you have to be logged in to Facebook in the same browser)

    • This will pull your information over from Facebook and allow you to access Server 1
    This is an image showing you where you can find the link for Server 1 on the Kano Play Home Page <- click that!

    What this will allow you to do is continue playing on Server 1 which is the Facebook version of the games even if there is a problem with Facebook as a platform or your specific Facebook account. Once you've been set up with a Kano Play account you can either login with your email and password or just by hitting the Connect with Facebook button. The two Kano Play servers will still remain as separate environments.

    If you have logged in to Kano Play Server 1 with your Facebook account previously, you will already have an existing Kano Play account. The email address associated with this account will be pulled from Facebook, so it will be whatever email you used to sign up for Facebook. If you need to reset your password for this account, use the Logout button on the top right of Kano Play. Once you're logged out, hit the Login button and then follow the prompts to reset your password. If you encounter trouble doing this, or have questions about this feature, please contact Support.
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    Mitch, most people don't understand Server 1 as well as me, I believe if added a pic be way easier and guessing it's this. All my friends play on FB only and to see server 1 is kinda odd looking. Maybe type up better so all understand it.

  3. mi7ch

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    That's not the link I'm talking about, on the bottom of the Kano Play homepage there are links for each game, Server 1 and Server 2. We refer to the Facebook Login side of Kano Play as Server 1 throughout the entire site, so the language is consistent. I've added an image highlighting where you can find the link I'm talking about if the description is not clear enough.
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    Um, Mitch, good pic and all but check out the top right in the pic lmao:eek: LMAO
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    WHELP that's what I get for linking to the imgur landing page instead of the image itself. :|
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