Kano Play Server 2 Add-Me Thread!

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by mi7ch, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

  2. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

  3. HwFinest

    HwFinest New Member

  4. Kurta Zoltan

    Kurta Zoltan Member

    Add me :)

  5. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

  6. Kurta Zoltan

    Kurta Zoltan Member

  7. Rebecca Laurasia

    Rebecca Laurasia New Member

    I'm a daily player.

  8. Dark Alley

    Dark Alley New Member

    I play a lot. E27316
  9. xVIRTUESx

    xVIRTUESx New Member

  10. Timbo

    Timbo New Member

  11. rodz

    rodz New Member

  12. Simonrs1

    Simonrs1 New Member

    new player 78DB25, please add me I will be playing regularly.
  13. Simonrs1

    Simonrs1 New Member

  14. Gassan

    Gassan New Member

    Add me Plz
  15. Simonrs1

    Simonrs1 New Member

  16. Lugh Sigurdarson

    Lugh Sigurdarson New Member

  17. Troyboy

    Troyboy New Member

  18. the omen

    the omen New Member

  19. Ilaks

    Ilaks New Member

  20. food

    food New Member

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