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  1. polishpimp

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    A friend/guild member of mine mentioned another app that actually made dummy accounts to help fill in empty battle pages. Would this be feasible for Kano apps?

    Would it be all that bad of an idea for Kano to make a few of these accounts especially at the higher levels to give these levels something more to do or at least make it a lil less of a problem to get their daily points?

    Maybe have it so these dummy accounts have the ability to heal at a faster rate than the real players so multiple players can take advantage of hitting them, or maybe give them unlimited health but limit the number of times a player can hit them in a 24 hr period so they couldnt be used to level.

    why not use some of the old ghost accounts that are still out there like "polishpimpn retired" or Eddies and Jewels old accounts, simply retrofit them with unlimited health.

    They wouldnt even have to give xp but would count towards your daily points at the same rate they do know vs real players whether u win or lose against them. Just a thought.

    Just a thought
  2. yep

    i agree thats its not a bad idea

    and with your suggestion of no exp

    even better
  3. Would be kind of like the vikings with no armed warriors for the first couple hundred levels, that i liked to call Training Dummies.

    They almost always allowed you to beat them, never came back at you for revenge, and usually died pretty easily.

    This is a good idea, i still have plenty on my fight list in all 4 apps but i hear a lot from people that have to resort to bosses to spend their stamina. There should be something to let everybody gain their fight GP at all times imo, if someone has stamina then they should be able to earn fight GP.

    Maybe add fight GP to punches? Then having no fightlist wouldn't be a problem as even those hiding in hosp could give fight GP (then also the punches giving a number rather than a kill wouldn't be such a waste of stam).

    So as for these training dummies that you suggest, would they give fight wins? Couldn't that be abused as i assume any successfully built player would win 100% against them.
  4. as was said

    it would be limited how many times in 24hrs you could attack

    kinda like the undead on the other 3 apps

    but this suggestion is for those that are to high up where no one is on the page
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Adding amer points for the slaps/punches is another good idea.

    The "training dummies" u speak of at the lower levels are actually real accounts that have been deserted by the players playing them.

    It wouldnt really matter to me if the wins or loses counted....but if the amount of attacks were limited.....I dont see a potential for abuse if they were counted.

    If some of the ghost accounts were used as i also suggested (polishpimp retired, The legend. lady jewels)...a win would be anything but guaranteed for most players, but if they do happen to lose to those accounts...gamer points should still be awarded in the amount they r currently awarded when losing to a real account
  6. Could people so high up not have access to lower level undeads? It wouldn't make any difference to the undeads as losses are not recorded for them, and everybody beats 99% of the undeads anyway (the 1% is from not paying attention / not reading names or not being able to see names due to FB chat box).

    I'm sorry for missing where it was said that it would be limited.

    Maybe there could just be a handful of training dummies at certain level intervals throughout the ranges lacking fightlist most of the time, that give 1xp but have infinite health giving fight GP 100% of the time. When GP runs out, they then give 0XP but still a fight win?

    Or maybe you can only hit them when your fight GP is available?

    To give the devs a bit of fun, these training dummies could be given whatever items the dev in charge fancies giving them, maybe they could have an imaginary squad of 15 or so other dummies that would have a 'goody bag' of limited items, so to speak.

    This way, they wouldn't be so much of an easy target, and would it not be truly hilarious if some people were bouncing off of a training dummy??

    EDIT: Just realised this wasn't for ZS, maybe 15 dummies would be a bit low for the other apps, or maybe they should be so easy. Food for thought, let's bounce it off eachothers heads and whatnot.
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  7. They wouldnt even give exp? have you heard of UNDEAD .... seriously guys they already addressed the GP by introducing undead...
  8. thing is though

    if someone is say lvl 4000

    and the only other player even close to that lvl is lvl 1000

    that player wont show up on the undead list(as of yet)

    so this is for those to high up for undead
  9. Extending the range for higher levels to attack lower level undeads shouldnt be a problem imo, in fact the game should search down through the levels until it finds however many undeads, no matter how much lower they are. Sure if the lower player is online they would see that they are being attacked by some huge guy, but it would make no difference to them as only the attacker gets anything recorded. Maybe if the undead aren't too smart they might attack back, then the higher level would get the chance to make them really dead, for real :D

    But a simpler solution than this would be to just give punches fight GP. I don't really understand why this wasn't introduced with the GP system, has anyone ever been in a fight without throwing a few punches??? The punches are what makes the fight a fight!

    Punches are what makes Kano apps stand out from the crowd as far as i am concerned (there are other reasons, but this is the one that goes with my point :p ), we should be rewarded for our punches with a number.. Not just the number of healthpoints dealt, but the number of GP acquired. Make it the same as a fight loss, or maybe a little less. But equivalent of a fight win for a punch kill ! :D:D
  10. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    A GREAT idea, especially for VC. PC already has *undead* pirates, and I assume both of the other apps do, too.
  11. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    But as AS was saying, if someone is out of range of any potential undead pirates then they aren't much use for gaining any GP.

    There should be these training dummy things, possibly with randomly generated (or hand-picked by Kanothingelsetodo's) gear every 50 levels or so. Or at whatever intervals would be suitable.

    I realise that the staff at Kano have much better things to do than sit picking out which gear thes dummies shall have, so maybe just give them the sensible choice and give them all the limited sets, increasing in power as their levels increase or something.
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    now were talking...some good idea in there...I think we should name the training dummies after the developers.....lol
  13. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    thats why i like the idea of using some of the old accounts that have been deleted by well known players of old that r still out there (ghost accounts), they have real world stats and im sure they're a lot of players that would like to get their revenge while not being attacked back, hell...i for one would love kick the crap out of my old account
  14. How about just make hundreds of copies of your account for these autobot-players? It would be closer to the reality if the game, right Eddie?

    I had thought of something similar but making copies of Eddie or Pimp Classic (also Eddie) would be more amusing.
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    VC doesnt have "undead". Even though my knowledge of the"undead" in PC is extremely limited...the feedback I've heard wasnt very positive, but i suppose it would do the trick. I also think its a good idea to make all Kanos games as different as possible from one another, maybe then ....more players would want to play more than just one
  16. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    Some randomly generated accounts for all levels by Kano would be nice I agree. For some of my highest level squad members I regularly see them hitlist each other just so they can get rivals as their is maybe only 1 or 2 other people in their range if that.
  17. Smack

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