June 8th Developer Update

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    Kano has a good relationship with the company that runs Mob Wars FB but they are 2 completely different companies. We share the traffic with links at the top of the games (PC/VC/MW on FB). We brand all Kano Apps with our logo on top of the app and the complete portfolio of apps ran by Kano can always be viewed on our website: www.kanoapps.com
  2. cool that's good deal and nice info about Kano :)
    feedback... i attack one guy he have 300 more mob than me and my attack was 12% away from beating him so its better than before >> before was 30% :D
  3. test drive

    other better example :)
    enemy have 300 mob over only my attack was stronger than my enemy's defence ...also i have more drop items ...

    -$362,880 | -179 Health Lost | 152 Health Damage Dealt

    Your Attack Strength was 14.93% less than your Enemies Defense Strength

    Your Mob fought with:

    Attack Strength 1000 Stronger [ increase attack ]
    3 Armed Weapons
    1 Smoking Jacket
    1 Armored Bentley
    1 Triad Desert Dragon

    1,087 Weapons
    323 Samurai Katanas
    3 Triad Desert Dragons
    2 Triad Machetes
    1 MK11 Sniper Rifle
    2 Surveillance Drones
    11 Semtex Explosives
    6 Triad Cleavers
    27 Tactical Shotguns
    2 M4A1 Carbines
    14 Cyanide Cigars
    696 FIM-92 Stingers

    1,087 Armor Units
    10 Spiked Football Pads
    1,077 Tactical Armors

    1,087 Vehicles
    284 Nissan GTRs
    803 Armored Bentleys

    Enemy Franky Slow Walker Hoffa _____________________________________>>
    Defense Strength
    3 Armed Weapons
    1 Ghille Suit
    1 Armored School Bus
    1 The Intervention

    1,375 Weapons
    1 Vaccine Shot
    1 Dual Blackhawk Set
    1 Calico Semi-Auto
    2 Makeshift Flamethrowers
    74 Sumo Wrestlers
    1,296 FIM-92 Stingers

    1,375 Armor Units
    1 Biohazard Armor
    10 Interceptor Armors
    10 EOD Bomb Suits
    1 Smoking Jacket
    72 Exoskeletons
    10 Flak Jackets
    1,271 Tactical Armors

    1,375 Vehicles
    1 AH Super Cobra
    2 Lotus Scuras
    1 Mad Muscle
    538 Armored Bentleys
    75 RAH-66 Commanches
    76 Helicopters
    201 Nissan Skylines
    98 Nissan GTRs
    11 Audi R8s
    1 Cargo Plane
    371 Stretched Bentleys
  4. Deb

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    I could not agree with you more. Sitting at over level 3000 now and weak is very discouraging. For the life of me I cannot understand their logic in the way they have implemented the changes without any thought to the players of over 400 days You are still the"bounty hunter" to us all. Even with the addition of the skill points, I will be strong only for a period of time and then right back to where I am now. This game was intended to go to Level 1000 by the looks of things. This is an attack game and any defense I have put in skill points has harmed, not helped me from the attacks. It was fun while it lasted - miss ya bud!
  5. Griff

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    Thanks Deb. Im not trying to just cry or moan or whine. Its just the simple truth that people that have been on VC awhile are getting weaker and weaker compared to the newer clans moving up. It really is discouraging. But I really had my run of fun with VC and I really do miss the "good ole days" ! If it werent for my income that took me hours and hours of work to build I would ask for a reset. I never was one to be as concerned with my stats I just really enjoyed hunting. In retrospect Id probably stopped hunting around the 10000 kill mark and had a run of fun switching spots with Ketil. I still sneak in and do some boss stuff and jump on a couple bounties to keep my trigger finger ready for when the game gets interesting again ;)
  6. DaBoss

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    HAHA now im really confused.
    Facebook / kano apps
    LaCosaNostra (mw's2)
    Viking clans
    Zombie wars (i think)
    Pirate Clan

    Mobwars 1 / monster games

    I have no idea whos what on anyother network. I defo get extra gf points per lvl and woke up with over 1300 attributes and my fight result is genuine lol
  7. DaBoss

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    Can i suggest seperate threads for each app lol.

    On the LaCosa Nostra front the update is great but teh hired guns still carry too much weight can you look into incresing the att/def value per 100 lvl tier to try an conquer the problem. Many high level players who have put in many many hours to grow stronger find theyve wasted their time as players much lower in level can demolish us simply because they bought hired guns on a credit card. As ive said many times hired guns should give an advanatge but so should level we cant all afford to buy 1000 hg's so we play even harder and longer to stay in the race. Currently theres no point in us playing hard and long as we dont gain any advantage!
  8. yea facebook two mobwars lol

    about attack feedback i was sitting on bounty to get best attack against bigger mob and still only small ones ;(

    any luck from other players?
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    FYI - Kano can not create a separate thread for an app they didn't create.

    On the note of Hired Guns, They should be stronger. It's the credit card purchases that keep the game available to everyone that plays for free. If I pay for 200 hired guns I would hope they give me an advantage in the game, even over higher level players.
  10. better

    my feedback again .. well after i add more attack and defence i win 100% my old rivals before was 95% win so its bit beter i can see that now ;)
  11. DaBoss

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    I think you'll find its not just the credit cards that bring in revenue. pay per click is where i contribute. Plus i do also spend real money the problem is im not a rich man so i cant afford the £5000 required for 1000 hired guns. I agree hiredguns should carry extra weight BUT so should level time spent playing the game. Im not alone with this complaint and i can assure you if something isnt sorted the game will die as there really isnt any reason for players to level up the way it currently is. Just look at mobwars 1 hired guns have an advantage but that advanatge can be taken away by leveling this then gives those players with the hired guns the insentive to level harder themselves .........in other words leveling needs to be the drive of the game if the game has nothing to aim for then its dead in the water.

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