June 8th Developer Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Total Attack 1064
    Total Defense 567

    ok lets see how this works he he
  2. its posible your enemy have more att/def :D
  3. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    Dude, he posted it right there in his post, his enemy only had about half the A/D he did ..

    I agree with DaBoss. This was a start in the right direction but A/D still doesn't carry enough weight to really make a difference. I would say maybe give it 2-3x what it is now and we might have a game.
  4. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    Hired guns should be stronger..
  5. i see its hes friend thats why he know hes att/def good for experimenting
    but 300 extra mob is a bit over weight
    so its 300 extra mob against almost 400 att/def !! and what say in:?
    Attack Strength was (???)% greater than your Enemies Defense Strength
  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    How close of a fight was it?

    I did a quick total on the inventory that you are using and even though your opponent only has 300 more hgs it looks like your opponent has some stronger items because based on just inventory used they are 50% more powerful not taking into account your mobsters strength.
  7. daz

    daz New Member

    do you read your private messages on here mr kendall i did send you a message at 730am still no reply and it is still the last message sent to you
    would like a reply even if its just a NO
  8. i look up for Da Boss Level 653 at myspace mobwars and did not find one so its not on myspace mobwars but facebook

    also we got some extra skillpoints that was nice present ;)
    i log in in my facebook mobwars level 500+ and there is no extra skill points ?
  9. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Will check it now, I am pretty bad at checking my private messages on here, as you can imagine it gets pretty overwhelmed.
  10. Griff

    Griff Member

    So if you implement this change in VC we get the 2 extra skill points per level we have already achieved right? If so then this is cool. If not then it is totally bogus for the ones that have played the game to over level 2000 and invested points based on the current battle math. I have and always will say that after such major changes to the battle math we should be allowed to redistribute our points accordingly. I spent many many hours loving this game and a few bucks as well building my character and planning out my game based on the battle math you had set in place. After the last major change you shorted me of over 200 points I stuck into energy that is no longer needed. And you justified it by saying you added over 200 points with the bosses but this doesn't even out the gameplay. No matter what you add Im still out by the changes because everyone gets these. Not to mention the fact that new clans moving up through the levels are getting ALOT more drops now than some of us did. And they dont have to use as much god points on stam now that they get 20 more stam per level. I dont see any way that that could be made up for. I still love the game and totally agree with the changes you are making it just sucks that my character will NEVER be able to compete fairly against newer players moving up the levels now. I cant bare the thought of resetting as I have invested ALOT of time in this game. Its simply frustrating to say the least. It's like sitting through a round of Texas Holdem betting on every card turned and hitting a Royal Flush on the river just to find out that the rules have been changed and you are beat by a pair. How about getting the game fixed and finalizing the math then allow us to redistribute points then and leave it set! Sorry for the rant but I simply feel cheated that newer clans on a similar level now have in excess of 15,000 more total attack or defence points from the extra drops than I do simply because of the last changes you guys made. Im wondering if the Devs realize this? The only way I can possibly save my game is to put up another 150 bucks and hope the rules dont change again.
  11. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    Update on MySpace as well as facebook?

    Kano - can you please specify if this update was made on facebook?​
  12. DaBoss

    DaBoss New Member

    Last edited: Jun 10, 2010
  13. DaBoss

    DaBoss New Member

    Yes im using facebook and woke up with over 1300 skill points to use :)
    but i added them all to att def evenly and i still get my ass handed to me by lvl 200-300's when im over lvl 650 :(
  14. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    DaBoss... have a look at what you are armed with..
    Most people will carry both attack and defence stockpile.
    And... sadly... a lower level with more mob will still beat you.
  15. lucky man i still did not get extra skill points on my facebook mob wars ?? strange ..
  16. DaBoss

    DaBoss New Member

    Yeah i know this Kat but ive done the maths and even if i was fully stocked with sumos gtrs and smoking jackets toms hired guns would still have me a lot of the time. I dont actually mind been beating by lower levels its what i deserve for setting up as a leveler rather than a fighter and i often let tom etc blow stamina on me anyway. But it doesnt work teh hg's have way to much of an advantage and it leaves absoultly no reason to level (though strangly i still do hoping one day i'll reach my 1000 hg's lol) Theres a certian few who have hit the credit card and play as if they have the right to blow 500 stamina simply because they are a lower lvl with money. These are teh one sthat p*** me off. This never happened in old mobwars so of course we set up the same way :(

    Cant even reset not that i would now after 250+ days but had a reset been available id of reset by day 30 and have been set up completely different
  17. DaBoss

    DaBoss New Member

    i seemed to have a lot more than i expected i wonder if i got yours lol.....Im sure they will chase it up when they see your posts
  18. bs

    Da Boss you are a joker they dont have that upgrade on facebook and still every level you get 3 skill points so nice try on made up - att/def experiment :D
    well i look at facebook mobwars oficial forum and there is no news about skill or att/def upgrade so its only on myspace..!!
  19. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    I think there is some confusion Mob Wars:LCN on Facebook/MySpace/Hi5 is ran and operated by Kano, Mob Wars on Facebook is ran and operated by a different company.
  20. http://apps.facebook.com/mobwars
    that's the mob wars on facebook im talking about and they have Viking and Pirate clan adds on top .. so its kano for vc pc mw on ,myspace and pc and vc on facebook is kano also but mw on facebook is diferent company just pictures of city and weapon all the same as myspace ones !! so its the same company just different department ?!

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