June 30th- Developer Update (Property Upgrades and Hired Squad)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    A couple of changes pushed out today:

    Property Upgrades Page (Properties => Upgrades)

    This page provides a quick view of all of your locations and the properties you are upgrading. Also included is list of all the properties you own which can be filtered by location. This will allow you to quickly find and upgrade properties without having the travel to each location.

    Hired Squad

    Current two hired squad classes (Strikers & Defenders) have been modified to increase usefulness in game:
    - Each Striker added to your Top Squad will add a 2% attack boost up to a max of 10%
    - Each Defender added to your Top Squad will add a 2% defense boost up to a max of 10%

    All Hired Squad members are also listed on the "Hired Squad" page.

    Watch for new classes of Hired Squad to be released in the future.

    As always feedback and suggestions are welcomed.
  2. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    I just saw the hired squads and saw that they mine had 782 atk, very nice update and what does it mean by 2% attack boost, does it mean like the boost you get from vaccine boost
  3. POG MA HAON 2

    POG MA HAON 2 New Member

    am loving the upgrade...better than any weapon u have available..

    but its a serious cost to upgrade
    10 un a pop.when i upgraded initaly it said 10 then after I increased the att and def it said 2 un credits i left it think no probs ill be back..
    .I came back and it says 10 ....pretty steep.
  4. Whats is new classes of Hired Squad will be released in the future?
    i just got full set attack and defence hired squad will be no free space left for now class of hired squad.. ?!

    Thanks Kendall
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    There currently is no set date, but soon hopefully within the next 1-2 weeks.
  6. leo lucky

    leo lucky Member

    Please remember it is important for us and the game to have some humans in the top squad!
    In the moment i like the small number but with another branch of hired guns there is not much room left for human top squad relations, lol
  7. Elly Scarlett Rose

    Elly Scarlett Rose New Member

    Perhaps an upgrade to 25 top squadlings?

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