July 28th - Developer Update

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    A new feature has been implemented in Zombie Slayer:

    Outbreak Map

    A map feature has been added for Outbreaks in Germany (other location maps to follow in the near future). You now have the option to view Outbreaks in the standard list or in a new map which graphically shows all the outbreaks and bosses for the location. This allows you to do outbreaks with much less scrolling and clicking than before. To switch between outbreak views use the buttons on top right of the map.

    Here are a few of the map features:
    • Click an outbreak/boss icon to display the selected outbreak/boss on top of the map.
    • Hover over a outbreak/boss icon to get a brief summary of its status and requirements. The outbreak summaries are accompanied with action buttons to 'Kill Zombies', 'Buy Items' or 'View' the outbreak.
    • Outbreak achievement progress is displayed above each outbreak.
    • Boss health is displayed above any boss in an active battle
    • Your last outbreak/boss is now saved and your position is highlighted on the map. If you navigate off the Outbreaks page and come back it will show your last outbreak/boss if you are still in the same location.

    Feedback and suggestions are welcomed for this new feature. Please let us know what you like or how we can make this better for future locations and games.
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    cool I love this new feature!
  3. Lyca

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    I like it.. thanks :)

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