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    Item Crates have been released to Zombie Slayer today which is a new way to acquire items for you and your Squad.

    What is an Item Crate?
    Item Crates are a collection of inventory items. With each purchase you are awarded 1 item within the crate, each of which vary in their rareness in terms of your chances of earning them.

    There are 4 tiers of rarity:
    • Legendary - 5%
    • Rare - 10%
    • Uncommon - 30%
    • Common - 55%
    Items in the Legendary tier are unique to these crates so you will not be able to find them elsewhere. These Legendary items are also the strongest available for purchase based on combined Att/Def stats.

    What is in the Crate itself?
    There are currently 3 different types of Crates; Attack, Defensive and Balanced. For the most part the Attack crate will have items weighted heavier on Att, Defensive will have items weighted heavier on Def and the Balanced crates have items with nearly equal Att/Def.

    To see what is in a crate click on the (?) to bring up these details. Notice that items already awarded are highlighted whereas those that have not been awarded are greyed out a bit from view.


    Where can I purchase Item Crates?
    Item crates can be found on the Home page in the item carousel as well as in the UN itself. You can purchase 1 crate for 23 UN Credits or 3 at a time for 62 UN Credits.

    Note: Crate content does change regularly, so the items in the example image may or may not be available
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