Irritating missing items :-(

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Chiraz, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Chiraz

    Chiraz New Member

    I love the Kano games and I play them probably too much hehe, but a few things are VERY irritating. In Pirate clans for example, i find myself missing
    the "Cannon" item, and don't understand how I'm able to get my hands on it. Have tried asking friends for the item, but haven't had any luck.

    Anyone know an easier way or are you just supposed to hope for a friend to recieve that particular item and then send it to you?
  2. jon french

    jon french Member

    Its a gift, you need a friend to send you it.
  3. Chiraz

    Chiraz New Member

    Well that's just really irritating, I have asked for it but noone seems to have it. It keeps me from doing a lot of adventures
    and battling the higher-level-bosses :-( Well well, guess I'll ask again *sigh*
  4. this is a classic reason why gifts should NOT be a requirement for advens

    or characters should auto come with all gifts needed for advens

    if someone decides to prematurely rid the gifts before they reach the adven

    then they can try finding someone thatll send it
  5. Chiraz

    Chiraz New Member

    I did it the intelligent way and asked a friend again for the Cannon, and he got it for me, still missing the Thor amulet in Vikings though ;-)

    Anyway, still think it sucks having to do it this way when you should be able to earn the items by doing quests or battling bosses. Shame
    on such a great game.
  6. prin

    prin New Member

    kano apps has the easiest gift giving and receiving system on the planet!!! granted it takes some getting used to but once you get a set number of friends who send you stuff everyday then you can ask for what you want and get it within seconds! there are no hangups, no frozen screens, none of the hangups other games have and it's nonintrusive to your facebook page. i can't believe anyone would complain about having to have gift items for the game. that's a fun part of the game for me. i always wonder why, say for example people are hoarding that turtle?? or why they need grog, cause i have yet to see or have need for these things. it's just fun speculating about it to me.

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