[LCN] Inflation

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by FreddySmith, Feb 11, 2019.

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    So what exactly is the point of the BANK?
    Someone hits you, you lose 500K

    With the advent of the Hitlist Blitz people are earning Multiple Quadrillion in 1 hour.
    I'm pretty sure you didn't think it through when you decided that the person that gets the kill gets more money than it cost to hitlist, because now it has thrown the money economy out of whack.
    Here's one of the problems it has caused:
    High Level players are able to run up massive hitlist cost. When rig ignition is the only way for a small player to "defend" against a big bully this tool becomes unusable when it cost you that much.
    If I were to buy cash with favor points it would cost me $12US for every rig ignition, or around $200US a day to make any difference.
    I know you guys are smoking the good dope in BC, but if you lay off the dope for a little you might be able to see clearly through the fog.

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