Increasing XP Payout on Raid Bosses

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, May 21, 2015.

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    I know the way you are saying, when I done it I posted it just up, spend 30fp to get common? Why should we get this misery reward after spend all that? Yeah you talk as the way it should be played, but not all does it, I don't think you just noticed me waiting the raid get red/brown, you saw many others and even higher then me, correct? So let talk to them and let see how thye think about it. Anyway, Kano should fix it for us, cos both ways are right.
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  2. Sir Opinion Alot

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    i Spent 50 on one was top performer period and got a common sent in a ticket and waiting, if these are the rewards whats the use of doing anymore than min. Lvling wasnt worth it.
  3. SweetestAngel

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    In one raid yes, many others besides you not doing a thing but there was an issue and someone got cranky with the owner of the raid so it died on purpose. I've already spoken to the raid owner and gave tips on what to do and what not to do. I noticed several of the same people in raids not doing a thing so instead of talking, I am just going to start listing. My biggest issue is the ones filling the tier and not doing a thing. Since you posted in the thread about it, I decided to address the issue of how I at least see it. I am sure I am not the only one. Its unfair because the ones that want the raid to die have to do a hell of a lot more damage to make up for those refusing. Whether its a crap drop or not, we still level off of them. I have rarely spent and don't have a leveling partner anymore so it works for me as it does for others. Granted a nice drop is a bonus but just like the high roller challenges, sometimes you get seriously screwed when a 3 is showing and you go higher only to see the 2 card

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    I think it is hilarious that everyone expects to invite the higher levels to join their RAIDS and then for the higher levels to kill them off. I read in thread after thread when it comes to leveling and how the design of KANO is to decrease the exp for leveling the higher level you go...... so while lower levels are bragging about the levels they can get off RAIDS, the higher levels are doing refill after refill and going no where. What incentive do higher levels have to do RAIDS except to get in and do the minimum plus maybe just a little extra? For the amount of FP's needed to be invested, they would be better off BUYING limited quantity items. IF you really want to see higher levels coming in on these RAIDS and killing them off for you (thus helping everyone in the RAID which includes lower levels, mid levels, and sometimes even higher levels who don't always spend a lot), get KANO to give higher levels the same per stamina exp ratios to level as lower and mid levels. And then don't complain about it when higher levels are using RAIDS to level even farther ahead of the pack. As of the last few RAIDS, I still hear about mid level players bragging how they get 500-600 levels off of RAIDS claiming to have only spent $50 while top levels get maybe 100 levels unless they spent six times as much as everyone else.
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  5. JADES

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    Being a lower level on Armor, I was able to go from ~700-1200 in 1 raid session not a dime spent, no wonder why the pie graph's consensus is to raid's above all else with only few people voting.. I bet most were new players... :eek:
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    As @mi7ch previously stated, the Raid Bosses are one of the highest/best ways to earn XP in the entire Game (if not THE best) on LCN - I am completely baffled that ANYONE would have the audacity to still be complaining about the XP from Raid Bosses, especially after the adjustment made to XP gains during the last Raid Boss Event! Nobody is forcing anyone to join them or even open their own, so if Players believe they are better off Purchasing LE Items as opposed to using Raid Bosses for the Rewards, then PLEASE do exactly that! In my opinion, the Game would be MUCH less interesting if you were able to reach Level 10,000 in a week! There wouldn't be much to do (or much of a Game) if Players could reach the Moon Base in just a few days.. :mad:
  7. RafeDavid

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    From what I have seen I think some play this game simply to complain. Nothing is going to please everyone. If you want to get to those higher levels it is a long term investment as it should be.
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    Well said. Some people seem to actively dislike the game yet still they play.

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    The major issue which you seem to miss is that many players who have been playing for YEARS did grind their way to level 4000 and then to 6000, and then to 7000. And it took a long time and a great deal of time invested and sometimes more often than not, fp's. RAIDS have allowed newer players and lower levels players to make up this difference in a very short amount of time. Higher level players cannot make up the difference as the same time commitment and cash investment doesn't gain them much with exp so low for higher levels. AND why is it too much to ask that if a lower level player can gain say one level with 500 stamina that a higher level player cannot do the same but rather it takes 1500 or 2000 stamina?

    And the complaint that I replied to was why aren't higher levels joining RAIDS and killing them off for the lower and mid levels? It seems people expect the higher levels to dump 3 or 4 times the stamina for 1/4th or less of the exp and rewards with levels. So you want to talk about complaining and issues - make the game fair and evenly balanced from lower levels to higher levels. A quote from above was - the Game would be MUCH less interesting if you were able to reach Level 10,000 in a week! Well, it used to be it took 2 -3 months to get 1000 levels. With the exp from RAIDS, a player can do that easily within a month. So maybe you should consider how the exp for low level does exactly what you just said shouldn't happen while the exp for higher levels is still CRAP.

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