Increasing XP Payout on Raid Bosses

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, May 21, 2015.

  1. Xipe Totec

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    Hi Mi7ch.
    i may be missing something here. But my unxedstanding of your post is that you intend to increase the xp GENERALLY. That doesnt solve the problem that has been complained about. The complaint is that the ratio of xp for lower level and higher level differ so significantly that it is unfair to the higher level player. The solution isnt going to be so increase the xp generally. The solution would be to give xp based on your contribution AND your level. Then the disparity would be addresses.
  2. Thats great news I havent participated very much in quite a while. I may reconsider once I see how it goes. Thanks for hearing us and adjusting.
  3. This is a great point made here!
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  4. Paul M. McCormick

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    I would like to see some sort of punishment for screwing people over on the raid bosses. I think that if a person does not do the 2000 actions then they lose the current amount of Exp for their level if the raid boss is not defeated. So for me at level 1592 (MW LCN), i would lose 134100 exp points. And yes this would be a negative I would have to overcome to get to the next level. I think the success rate would increase. I had 15 out of 30 do 1 pt of action on the current raid boss, while i did over 12% of the damage of the raid boss. IF they are actually are trying this punishment is reduced, such as if they did 1000 out of the 2000 actions, then they only lose half of their exp. Kinda would make sure i did my 2000 actions.

    Additionally, if a person attacks and drains the party's health to zero causing the raid boss to regen, then they are killed and lose the normal amount of exp for being killed.

    I think these punishments should be implemented for all of the raid bosses in VC/PC/MW LCN/ZS.
  5. This is a fighting game, the slackers and raid perishers should get punished by the players. Sometimes a raid is killed fast by 2 or 3 with 1000fp to spend and is it fair to punish someone with full intention of getting min at least?
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  6. it took me over 2000 energy to get my last key to open my raid boss
  7. Alberta Simmons

    Alberta Simmons New Member

    I am currently doing the Raid Boss(es) but have no idea what kind of points averages, damage I need to be doing. I level up fine but would like to know what type of benchmark should I be aiming. Thanks!
  8. Alberta Simmons

    Alberta Simmons New Member

    I don't have Kanoplay Server and I don't spend money on the games. I am a lvl 400 player and I am currently in 2 raids. I play to gain gamers points not weapons (too much of an annoyance factor for me). I don't mind using energy to keep the healing level going so if you need or want a lower lvl to join please add me and thanks.
  9. SweetestAngel

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    I disagree with the limiting the number of raids you can be in at once. Obviously if a raid has been opened and you see a few certain names, don't join it. There are several middle tier and higher tier that just join to fill a spot. They don't even get the minimum actions in. Be selective in who you send your raid to and don't leave it set to open. If someone needs help filling the tier levels, they can always ask someone to help get members to fill it. I have done it and have had no issues. But, I've also said that I would chain list the shit out of people for leaving it in red and or allowing it to die. Its nice that the XP issue has finally been addressed but it should have been addressed when it was first brought up. Many higher levels that kept this game alive by spending when it first started have been screwed with the XP and it isn't right. Those higher levels who paid made Kano is what it is today. Never bite the hand that feeds you comes to mind ......
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  10. darre hayes

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    why not make the actions tiered like the lvls, lvl 0-3000 = 2000 actions, lvl 3000-5000 = 4000 actions and 5k + = 6000 actions, this was my first raid fight and found it very hard at my lvl (450) my damage was 42k per 20 stam higher lvls do more damage so they should do more actions for the boss to die.
  11. lloyd the x

    lloyd the x New Member

    I think a nice option would be that we can remove a player from a raid after a certain time frame.....say 48 hours in......if they havent reached the minimum of 2000....or automatically if they let the group die
  12. FINALLY!!! but Mi7ch the people who have paid big amounts to play need to be compensated. And why the hell did the devs decrease the heal amount? We were really screwed over BIG TIME!!!
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  13. Furor Umbras

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  14. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Thanks for your feedback regarding the upcoming changes. :)

    I'll discuss the concerns you've brought forward with the developers.
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  15. C.A.S.H.

    C.A.S.H. Member

    After reading more comments, I take back limiting the number of raids, but do support a better reward "pay scale". You know exactly what damage to get in regular bosses. Exactly the reward. I'm sure the random drop will not go away, but adding some staggering like crates have would increase players damage delt. And perhaps some achievements (1 mil, 10 mil, 100 mil in one raid)
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  16. What I can't get about Kano's policy is the following: when I do 30.000.000 dmg on a raid, the XP-kill-reward is about 300.000 XP, but most Raids I'm in, I do far over 100.000.000 or 200.000.000 dmg and the XP-kill-output is at 1.1-1,300.000. That seems not to be fair, coz it's only half the XP I need to level once (yes, I'm the only lvl 10.000+ player at server2).

    Another annoying part is: from my pov, it is not fair that the members of the party are hurt if one player perished the party. If you want to kill the Raid, you loose XP on every following hit after party has been perished. The punishment should be on the player who killed the party, and the punishment should be hard for that player, esp. if the player is a so called high-level. I'm suggesting that, coz the Raids I go in will be killed - no matter what - but me being punished for faults others produce ain't right at all.

    Another huge problem is what Gatman in earlier post made to think about: 10 players level 3000+ ain't enough! Lot's of players do not invest enough in stamina/energy and the outcome is, they do only few damage/heals on a Raid. Kano should think about a possibility to kick them out of a Raid (and loosing lots of XP) to make their spot free for engaged players.

    What Kano should think about with Syndicate Wars is: if I do complete token-refills and compare the XP outcome with refills in regular game: IT IS SO POOR!!! With investing those Gfs in regular game, I do level the double. Just think about: there's no cost for KANO if a player levels.... but a bored player who's no more interested in spending a penny might be a loss.

    Hope you get it
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  17. And as KANO is for correctness: one one side you don't do anything against cheating players (why else don't you name the suspended accounts?). On the other side: why do postings for help in bossfights, challenges need up to 15 hours and more to show up for me? For me, that is FRAUD. You - KANO - do exactely know who's running lots of accounts: END THAT! It is annoying for any other player, esp. when it comes out, you're only blind on one eye, but everytime the same!
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  18. GATMAN

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    Can we get a god father points sale to soften the out of pocket cost of participation? Perhaps a %50 bonus in points for all dollar value purchases.
  19. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    We currently don't have a sale scheduled to run during the next Raid Boss and tend to avoid overlapping them, but I will let people know there is interest.
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  20. GATMAN

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    It would be an awesome gesture on behalf of Kano to its loyal players, and perhaps a great motivator for those that haven't broke out their credit card yet. I have never seen a sale or bonus payout for purchases on mobwars, and i've been around for a few days now.

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