Increase in Hitlist Costs

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by The Ice Queen, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. The Ice Queen

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    This has become a serious ISSUE!

    You are trying to regulate the way WE choose play the game.

    I realise you are trying to protect people from chain hit listing. The previous system of increasing when listed was working.

    If someone is being "bullied" there is usually a reason. BUT they have several recourses already in which to stop it.

    1. Rig ignition
    2. Ambushes
    3. Increase their defense
    4. Bully the person right back
    5. Using in-game message to ask for a truce
    6. Contacting the person via FB and negotiating a truce.
    7. Joining a Family and asking the others to help.

    And what happens if you are the one being bullied? You list them once for say 9 billion.
    Big deal.. they lose 200 XP and chain attack you 20 times, run all your very expensive ambushes and gain back what they lost.
    To list them again will be 90 billion. For the same 200XP...

    All you can do is end up in hospital and log off the game.Unable to play again until you are out of the bullies range.
    Is this what you really want? People being driven from the game because the bullies now rule as they are untouchable?

    Listen to your players. Please. Not only on LCN but PC and VC.
    No-one wants this change.

    You say you want to protect people? That's what the MOB in Mob wars is for. We protect our own....
  2. and since you have this forum and the discussion boards, where are all these people asking for everything to be changed?
  3. The Ice Queen

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    Really good point Emily.
    No-where on the Db or here on the Forum have I seen a single post bitching about people chain hitlisting .

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