Incentives for Wars, cash/xp/item drops

Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by Eric, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Incentives for Warring Syndicates - higher XP/Cash payouts during and end of season and possible drop items. Vote this up and lets here your comments and suggestions if you think this is a good idea.
  2. Higher XP/Cash would be fine since a war would mean you'd die more often, which causes you to lose experience.

    No drop items though, at least not until drop items are implemented for battles too.
  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    1.more Xp at the end of the season... especially for the top 3. at least enough to level 1 time. this goes for gamer points as well

    2. end reward...weapon/warrior for top three, unique to ones rank, this goes for gamer points as well

    3 leader board stats guild and individual points

    I would like to see this for the wars in all the games

    RJOWNER Member

    I agree greater idea it makes since because fighters die and lose xp extra xp would make up for it or help a little
  5. Zoonie

    Zoonie Member

    I do not see why there should be extra incentives for warring after all the member of war guilds (in theory) have actually opted-in for war because they like it.

    As I understand it war attacks already get an enhanced payout as well as an end of season award for taking part (to be strictly fair opting-in for war should exclude you from gamer awards as gamer guilds do not get WPs for attacking other players).

    One thing I do agree with is that there should be actual prizes for members of the top 3 guilds (who have earned their guild 112K gamer points that season) on the league tables. At the moment everyone gets bonus XP for gamer points so everybody wins and nobody loses. A special weapon or warrior would be tangible proof of membership of a top guild. It's a bit like being given cash as a present it's okay but a proper present could be with you for the rest of your life.
  6. It's tough to vote on this as you really didn't make it clear as to exactly what incentives you are talking about. If its cash, XP and drops then sure I would vote a 10. If it includes making war bounties exclusive to warring guilds then I would have to adjust that number down considerably.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    The added incentives r because there is much more involved in guild wars to be competitive than there is simply having to show up for 3 minutes a day to get GP

    WPs r only used to determine a winner of the guild wars...they r not some type of extra reward.

    To be eligible for guild wars You have to have a makes no sense to me that a guild would become ineligible for GP simply because they r participating in another guild activity as well...especially if the guilds that r in the wars are competitive in GPs as well. If that was the would seem like a shallow victory knowing that i won at GP but there was actually other guilds that performed better
  8. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Another incentive is keeping war bounties exclusively for the warring parties.
  9. Zoonie

    Zoonie Member

    Again people are doing wars because they want to. That's like me saying I should get extra stamina because I attack a lot of bosses or if I buy a car with a V16 engine in it I should pay less for gas/petrol because my car burns more.

    Warers know going in that Guild Wars will cost extra cash, XP and stamina if they don't like that they can always, opt-out or fight less.

    If gamers get no extra XP for war activities (attacks, bounties, slaps) then surely it is fair that warers get no extra XP for gamer activites. Both types of guild perform the same activities so their is no reason why gamer guilds should not get war points. Opting in just means that that war guilds get extra XP for attacks and have access to all those who attack any member of their guild.
  10. Nope, sorry.
  11. i agree with this
  12. Eric, Can you please address this one before we get heated on this subject once again? Your description in this thread is too vague as to what incentives you are suggesting. If keeping the war bounties exclusively for warring parties is one of your incentives then my vote will drop from 10 to like 2 . But , as I stated earlier I am ALL for warring guilds getting more XP, Cash and drops and that would make me vote a 10. Thanks
  13. I'm against the idea of drops when they still haven't implemented battle drops yet.
  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    First of all...Ide have no problem what so ever if Kano wanted to award extra XP for GP actions...but with that said....I think warring guilds should get more as there is much more involved and more at stake

    I did not say that participants didn't get extra xp for guild war activities.. In fact I said...
    "The added incentives r because there is much more involved in guild wars to be competitive than there is simply having to show up for 3 minutes a day to get GP". I also said...."WPs r only used to determine a winner of the guild wars...they r not some type of extra reward". I think u may be confusing WP with XP

    Your comparisons are absolutely ridiculous. This is a game/competition....players are to look for ways to find more XP in an effort to best their rivals. Kano has provided us with a couple of additional options that we may OPT in for that will allow us to gain more XP. The reason we must OPT in is because some players may not like a particular style of play and the inherent risks/consequences that come with them. But then there r those who think the potential gain outweighs the potential consequences. More potential risk /consequence and time involved equals/deserves more potential gain.

    Guilds that have OPTED to be hidden get to score GP and compete for the trophy and additional XP dont they? R they not getting something extra in the form of privacy and limited accessibility?
  15. DMQ

    DMQ Member

    War mode drops would be good.. Only available in war mode.. Drop out you lose them !
    Some kind of use once to get the upper hand on bigger more powerful mobs attacking you.. Just a thought for now, its my bday today and im relaxing and cannot be bothered to think to much :)
  16. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Hi Jerome, I'll clarify, aswell make a separate idea.
  17. @ Eric, thanks.. Voted a 10 as stated now.
  18. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Accepted. Added to our Dev queue.

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