[PC] Improvement for Loyalty Items

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Ray Ford, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Ray Ford

    Ray Ford Member

    Had Posted this in the Pirate Clan Forum before I found the Ideas Forum so am re-posting it here now.

    Most of the Loyalty Items now offered to me really would not add too much to my Defense or Attack within the Game. How about adding using Loyalty Points to purchase Davy Jones Favor Points? Then I could choose to either use my Loyalty Points to either get Weapons, Mates, Ships, Stamina, Health, Energy, Cash, or Hired Captains. This would be a much better use of the Loyalty Points to me than the Weapons, Mates, and Ships now offered whose Attack/Defense values would not really increase my Attack/Defense Stats enough to temp me to use the Loyalty Points, I now have piling up.

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