ignition rigged.

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    :eek: i just had a moment of madness where i just tripped about 20 - 30 rigged ignitions set on me. anyhoo, the outcome as i can see it without bothering to work out how much he must have spent rigging me was that i lost all 1339 points i had into my next level by deaths, but he must have used all his stamina and energy plus several billions setting rigs on me. i never got a minus in points after i went to zero on the level so i can easily make up lost points and i'm not out of pocket i'm recharged enough points to list and rig and ambush him after he ran out. pretty pointless but strangely satisfying knowing i shortened his gameplay keeping him busy enough to do nothing else but waste points rigging me. i mean, 5 stam and 3 energy at the amount he wasted adds up to a hell of a lot of money to be earnt, not spent, and fights to win, more money ect ect.
    not only that i was bored!! ello ell triple exclamation marks smiley face


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