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    This thread will explain the general structure of the Ideas forum as well as the intended role of each of the sub-forums.

    Ideas - This is where an idea gets posted and rated by the Community at large. Please read our Idea Submissions Guideline for more information.

    Ideas Under Review - This is where a thread will be moved to once it’s been added to our internal idea tracking system. This will let forum goers know that an idea is being looked at by the developers. If your idea is not added to this sub-forum it’s because it has a low rating, is a major overhaul of a long-standing gameplay mechanic, has been vetoed in the past or any number of other reasons.

    Once the idea has been looked at by the developers, I’ll add their feedback and move it to either one of two sections:

    Ideas to be Implemented - This means that the developers like the idea and plan to use it. Please note that unless we say something specific there is not a hard time line for ideas to be implemented. It could be a couple weeks or a few months, depending on where it falls into our development pipeline and taking into account the overall complexity of the idea. Once we have a general sense of when an idea will be implemented I’ll update the relevant thread and when it is put in place the thread will be moved to the Implemented sub-forum.

    Ideas not being Considered - This means that Kano/Apps doesn’t feel like the idea fits in with the current iteration of the game, or we would not be able to implement it properly due to internal considerations. This does not mean we think that the idea is bad, however.

    Implemented - Fairly straight forward, once an idea has made it through the selection and development process and has been rolled out to the game(s), it will be put into this forum.
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