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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by szilard92, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. szilard92

    szilard92 New Member

    Level 497:

    Health 5000 / 5000
    Energy 10 / 500
    Stamina 420 / 600
    Attack 700(with no weapons/warriors)
    Defense 25(with no weapons/warriors)
    Gold 21.682 billion
    Hoard 0
    Income 5.091 billion
    Upkeep 288,960,300
    Bounty 32.654 billion
    Chieftains 539
    Clan 6,556
    Weapons 6,495

    Only using FP's for Hired Chiefs, bought 2 weapons and 1 warrior, all the other FP's were spent on hired.

    until this level I have "cleared" the battle list on every single level.

    What next? I still want to clean the battle list on every level, but don't know what should I go for (with the stats).

    Any advice is highly appreciated :)

    Only asking this because on hi5 I already made a big bunch of bad choices, and now at level 1900 there, I'm not competitive, so on FB I want to do everything right :)
  2. Maler

    Maler Member

    even though you are going for high attack, some defense is needed. all other stats look fine to me.
    hit bosses for rewards and all that. if you already have a 1900+ character, i'm sure you have a general idea how to play.
  3. http://forums.kanoapps.com/showthread.php?5065-Best-Skill-Point-Build-Up

    actually you dont need defense until later

    on one of my pirates im only 183 base defense

    and im climbing quite nicely

    lower the defense means less exp for attackers

    while if you have a high defense and someone breaks it

    they get nice exp
  4. Maler

    Maler Member

    i thought battle exp was based more on health than on defense. that's good to know :)
  5. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Health and def both play a role. If your enemy has high def and low health, you'll get worse xp than from an opponent with high def and high health.
  6. high defense low health= less exp than high health low defense most of the time

    but the exp for high health low defense is still lower than average
  7. szilard92

    szilard92 New Member

    Thanks for the tips guys :)

    Maler, yes I have a general idea of the game, but I have made BIG mistakes with my other account. and Now it will take me like 3k levels to repair it. And I don't want to make those mistakes here too.

    a little change with stats:
    level 506:
    Health 2272 / 5000
    Energy 23 / 500
    Stamina 164 / 600
    Attack 750
    Defense 25
    Gold 10.131 billion
    Hoard 0
    Income 5.251 billion
    Upkeep 289,160,300
    Bounty 33.741 billion
    Chieftains 547
    Clan 6,569
    Weapons 6,572

    is the income good for my level?
  8. income=horrid

    but thats usually a downside of quick leveling

    if quick leveling isnt what your after then slow down and build that income
  9. Sir Wikid

    Sir Wikid New Member

    I need some help on getting a certain weapon "The Viking Dagger". I have sent out a great number of requests to my clan with no results as ive been stuck on the vanaheim level for a good year or so if anyone could possibly help in aiding this problem i would gladly and greatly appreciate it thanks.
  10. Maler

    Maler Member

    :)) it's a gift. just ask someone to send it to you.

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