[LCN] I cant get into y server 2 accont has kano being hacked??????

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by john garry, Apr 16, 2017.

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    ok this is a strange one and if anybody knows the remedy ill be grateful for all of eternity.Im not really sure how this happened but have being told by a syn member she had a mobbie with the same problem ...........OK.ive being playing lcn for couple years (says 4 but played once back in m2 days ,didnt bother and returned couple years later).About mayybe 9-12 months ago a mobbie asked did i want to join his syn in server2 -i had never played on Server2 on the contary lol i was of the belief it would be like having an alt but when i found it was legit joined and have never looked back.tbh sometimes i preer it to my fb version -theres none of the crazy drama 1 has and secondly i got to start over knowing what i was doing!!!!!!
    ok if i havent sent you to sleep already congrats.I have a cousin that used 2 play m2 and just recently he began when i told him of it to play here.He popped in easter saturday and as he was off out to the pub for the day and some of the night asked could he quickly hit raids and do his gamers on my laptop (why not i thought he s used y laptop in the past ive used his-i thought nothing of it.We then ent our seperate ways him to the pub me 2 work :mad: when i got hoe that evening i went on fb to play mob wars and then onto server 2 -but arrrrgh to my horror i couldnt get into my game......everytime i entered via fb it cae up as if it was a beginers page and had my cousins initials in top right hand corner with a big G before the initials-i learned this stands for gravatate.i phoned my cousin and he didnt even have a gravatate account -most odd.so i tried to go on server 1 see what happened ok my normal game came up but top right corner in read G km(followed by some no s) server 2 i tried again still had the g km .... but again was like some1 who just joined the game asking me which character i wanted.
    I really want to get my server 2 account back and am never letting anyone go on fb again ater this! i enjoy server 2 so much theres none of the drama and hatred u find on server 1-also im not a bad player as i joined from start but knowing what i was doing this time round lol.Apparently this has happened to several people and i was even told(by another player)kano had being hacked.Ok apoligies for being so long but any idea s how to resolve this????????Anybody?????? thanks for your time and patience to read this and if anyone can point me in the right waay i thank you in advance!!!!
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    Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your account! It's very unlikely that we were hacked, but if you contact our Support staff (support.kanoapps.com), they'll help you out.
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