How is this possible?

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    I refer to the top in the list, he ambushed me 21 times, apparently in a single second :confused:

    It's physically impossible for me to attack him that many times in such a short space of time, and i had to heal a couple of times mid-beating.

    Does the system not have an accurate timescale, so just guess that it was all within one second?
  2. its done this always

    some reason the game doesnt keep track properly

    and yes its been mentioned before

    i forgot the answer if there was one
  3. Maybe it doesn't matter, there are more important things to fix than this. I just wanted some confirmation..

    And i think the previous mentioning that you refer to was someone apparently being punched twice within a single hour. Maybe someone did say that they got ambushed many times in a single second but i don't remember seeing that one.
  4. it was about ambushes

    if i didnt have so many posts id dig through and find it cause i know i posted on it
  5. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    I have never seen this before. I will get the dev in charge to look at this to figure out what is happening. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  6. SkylerF

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    2 punches - 1 hour

    That was a rounding error.
    Player A punches Player B. Just after an hour elapses, Player A punches again. The 1 hour interval HAS expired, but the game counts 1hr 1min (or a few minutes) as simply 1 hour.
  7. Thank you, i didn't think i had seen this before despite AS being certain he had. Hasn't he seen everything before?

    But like i said, this isn't that much of a problem i was just looking for confirmation / expecting AS to say something along the lines of "already been mentioned".

    We should know roughly how long we spent eating a string of ambushes (if it is in a short space of time) but maybe it gets more accurate if the ambushes are eaten over a longer timeframe.
    There are definitely more pressing matters for the devs to spend their time on than this, like new coops, clan/mob bosses and faction wars. I just thought it was quite funny that it was impossible to attack that many times in one second.
  8. It happens to me me too , but only on ambushes never happens on normal attacks
  9. Ace

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    This happens because ambushes don't count as attacks on you when it comes to the 24 hour period. If he does any action against you (besides a BT or more ambushes) it should get fixed.

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