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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Michael Elsworth, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Michael Elsworth

    Michael Elsworth New Member

    How is it even possible a player could have reached level 3351 and a bounty of $42trill in just 162 days without using automation???? Over 8500 hitlist wins??? I'd hoped this game was free of bots, but I guess it's just as bad as the other Mob Wars game I left. No doubt this post will lead to a flood of haters telling me how it's possible, but nothing will convince me and those who do complain are probably cheaters themselves too.

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  2. wakosako

    wakosako New Member

    The bounty is easy if they are listed a lot it goes up very fast! But the level I agree is a little bit to be asked?
  3. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    If you suspect a violation of terms of service, send a ticket or report to Knao. Do not post the player info here.

    With respect to bounty amount...that is easy. Every time a player is hitlisted on one day, the bounty goes up. I know players who get hit 40 times a day or more regularly. And one who has been hitlisted 138 times today. They keep healing so they keep getting clobbered and the bounty ratchets up

    Those who dish out hits are often hit in return.

    Hitlist wins and losses are counted on both offence and defence. 8,500 hitlist wins could mean that they have high defense and win when they are attacked ..
    For their level, it is high for number of days but they could be a credit card player who goes bonkers buying refills and doing 100s raids per month and buys a lot of crates for gear.

    So in summary, this could just be someone who spends a lot of real world money as opposed to a cheat ...but if you really suspect cheating..this isnt the place to do it
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  4. GExgecko

    GExgecko New Member

    How refreshing it is to see sensible, reasoned answers to a question, rather than a tirade of flamers I've grown used to on similar forums. I do have to say the level is amazingly high, I'm just over level 1000 in a similar number of days. I'm not sure what else I could have done to get higher as I play several times every day, but I've spent only a small amount real money, so maybe that is the difference?
  5. Ghostie

    Ghostie Member

    Mick, this game is riddled with bots, but Kano do nothing about it, as many of them waste huge sums of money.
  6. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    If someone keeps healing they can be bountied over and over, some like to have it done to them, they get a rival list, but once the bounties stop the price goes down after a certain amount of time, after the last bounty, some are just tavern trolls running their mouths and the price for that is to be listed over and over, happens all the time.
  7. Ghostie

    Ghostie Member

    I love being listed, it gives me tools to kill and get my dailies :)
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  8. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I don't mind either, only when I already got my DGP fights in already off the undead cause there is no one to hit , and then I get a rival list if they all don't and hide lol
  9. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    Are all of those things possible; probably. Is it the norm; no. With raids absurd leveling early in the game is very possible if someone is wanting to max out their credit card. Check that bounty is that the base hit list or does it say this person has been listed x number of times over the last 24 hours. 8500 hitlist within less than 1/2 year; actually that is quite possible if the hit list is acitve.

    Basically who knows if someone is using less than natural means to play a silly little clicking game. It is easy to logically come up with a scenario in which someone has achieved what some might consider absurd stats. If you have your suspicions and you have some facts to back it up open a ticket with KANO. KANO will then tell you we found nothing wrong. Because KANO does NOTHING to get rid of the cheats. It has to be dumbest criminal in the world stupid type of activity for KANO to finally pull its head out of the sand and suspend an account. Thats right suspend not erase from existence.
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  10. Victor Cruz Jr

    Victor Cruz Jr New Member

    How is it even possible a player could have reached level 3351 and a bounty of $42trill in just 162 days without using automation???? Over 8500 hitlist wins??? I'd hoped this game was free of bots, but I guess it's just as bad as the other Mob Wars game I left. No doubt this post will lead to a flood of haters telling me how it's possible, but nothing will convince me and those who do complain are probably cheaters themselves too.
  11. GExgecko

    GExgecko New Member

    What's your point Victor? You just copied the original posters words?
  12. Victor Cruz Jr

    Victor Cruz Jr New Member

    Well Michael, sorry to inform you I am now over 10k hitlist wins, what you failed to mention was my 12k + losses. I will tell you and everyone interested the truth. If you wait ev ten to fifteen minutes the GODFATHER lists random low levels on the HL - that is where I got most in the beginning. I only add att/defense and some health to my account. What most players fail to see is that Kano is not only a click game it is a business, I came in with that mentality. Energy and Stamina cost 10 fp. I made Alexandrite tier fairly quick. I am also WELL over 1M ATT/DEF both sides. I bought my 1000 HG by level 1245 since you are curious. I am now not losing to anyone at my level and beat most non spenders up to but not limited to lvl 6k + my bounty is plentiful because thanks to lucky clicks I scored 2 kills when my syn member and former pinata MM was just that. I caught him at 130 Quadrillion and again at 139 Quadrillion. I spent some on properties bringing my bounty base to 3 Quadrillion. Since I do beat everyone on my Fightlist, some get upset and list me - which I absolutely love. Why, you may ask.... well it keeps me at a smaller level giving me yet more time to make my account fight/hitlist worthy. I have also now hitlisted well over 5k times in return - some helping fr's other hitlisting enemies. If that weren't enough not sure if someone reported mew of using 3rd party script and/or bots which i can 100% reassure you I do not use. Kano investigated and has since removed warning. I didn't come here to spend my money and risk my account removed. That makes absolutely no sense. If even that weren't enough, yes I am new here - I created a group in FB which helps promote the game and have some fun in the process - you even have a chance to win FREE favor points at my expense --> FB search: MW LCN COMMUNITY CENTER - I allow all players as long as their account answers both questions upon requesting to join and they don't smell of an Alt. Yes I say alt because in every game I have played there are people out there using alternate account to either help or cause problems with. It isn't hard to see. You and all here are welcome to request to joim. I hope you understand a little more about the game and myself. Take care. VCJr aka CALIZKILLA
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  13. GExgecko

    GExgecko New Member

    A brilliant reply Victor. Thank you for taking the time to explain, I've learned some interesting things reading your post. I'll make sure to avoid attacking you on the fight list LOL. I'm 'earning' my HG's and am up to 1500, but I think I'll dip into my savings and buy the remainder, it sounds like a great idea if you're serious about the game. Also good to understand why it's good to get listed.
  14. Michael Elsworth

    Michael Elsworth New Member

    Hey Victor Cruz Jr, I owe you an apology. I guess I'm still really new to this game and my thoughts were poisoned by the old Mob Wars game where it seemed everyone used bots. I'll learn to keep my thoughts to myself in future until I know what I'm talking about.

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  15. Victor Cruz Jr

    Victor Cruz Jr New Member

    Michael, itz all good man. I am sure there are bots out there - even I have taken the time to write a ticket on an acct I suspected of running a bot. Not sure if action was taken. I just needed to clarify that I am not nor ever intend using anything to alter my gameplay. It's all about fun for me win or lose. If you hunt and I suggest you do - use phone app/ipad - its alot better than mousing for a kill - unless hitlistee is extremely healthy - but that would probably mean dying trying to catch the $. If biggers come chasing you - dont forget you can either let them kill you kwik or fight fire with fire and ambush them. It costs fake cash - lots sometimes if they are loaded. I like to die on my terms - so if they come knocking on my window - careful, I have lost of bush cash :) Have fun gaming and alwayz have fun - even if I come at you - I normally only go after HL's but my syn leader is a boolay and I am a soldier atm - so if he says keeeel, I won't stop :)
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