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    How about having a collection for each city. When you have collected all the items for that city you then claim a prize. It could be about 7 items to collect. collecting from fighting, doing jobs, etc. I think this would encourage more game play and give people more incentive. Pizes could be from xp, fp, stamina, energy, or even getting your stam, energy, health faster by 5 seconds.:)
  2. i have thought of that, but my idea was a trophy for collecting all of the items in the game. I suppose a city by city collection would be easier to achieve.

    i don't think there should be a health/energy/stamina speed bonus, maybe just xp and skill points. i think the items should be a mix of workshop items, boss drops, job drops, and minigame drops. i don't believe there are minigames for shanghai, tijuana, and tokyo, so maybe only make this for new york-dubai to limit it some.

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