Hoard/Bank/Profit Not Showing Up???

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by astridthorsdottir, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. astridthorsdottir

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    I play Viking Clan and Pirate Clan as well, but I find it frustrating that you cannot see how much you have in the bank and how much your current profit is without having to click around looking for it. Is my computer screwed up, or is this normal? I'm an old school VC player, there before we had bosses and guilds, but very new to LCN. Any help would be appreciated and thanks! :)
  2. Wonder Woman

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    It should be the same process for VC, PC and LCN to see your hoard.
  3. i been noticing this

    CM Capture 23.jpg

    CM Capture 24.jpg

    can we see the difference

    i just thought different game different set up

    if thats a glitch then same glitch applies to ZS
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  4. Ahad

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    I thought some players of these games (ZS/LCN) did not wish to see their income/amount of stashed money at all times...

    If you pay attention, if you are serious about your gaming then you should be able to remember how much you have in there. How much you make each hour.

    In the even that you do forget, a simple single click on Profile will refresh your memory, along with reminding you of the other important bits in the User tab of the ingame profile.

    If that's intentional then i would guess that it's meant to be that way.

    It helps low starters avoid the feeling of insignificance while their income is merely shrapnel. Before they lern2hunt. Before hunters and (now somewhat extinct) Energizer Bunnies take pity on them and put them into Top Squad for a bit of a boost..

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