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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Scoughman, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    So last week we posted a thread announcing a change to hitlisting. The idea was to give players a 60 second window where they couldn't be listed again by the same person in a row. We got a lot of feedback about that from you, and so we held off on making the change until we could come up with a better approach.

    The issue we are trying to solve is that some players have been getting chain listed by players outside their level range, and we've heard a lot of complaints about this from people who feel that it prevents them from playing and that it's not very fun. However, in some cases, players are acting like jerks in the chat or attacking higher levels and opening themselves up to being listed, and we want to preserve this ability. We also want to preserve the ability of higher levels and people in the same fight range to chainlist and chainrig each other, as this is something many players say they like.

    Our idea now is to give people an option, selectable under the Game Settings menu on desktop (this is coming to Mobile soon as well.)
    1. In this mode, the game behaves as it currently does. Anyone can hitlist you, as often as they like, up until the Protection limit when you are able to block them for 3 days. You can also rig anyone listing you back and try to kill or inconvenience them through chain rigging.
    2. Any player outside your fight range can only list you once every 60 seconds, and you can only rig them once every 60 seconds. You can still be listed by multiple people at once, but you will always get time to play the game normally between lists from a single player.
    Please let us know how you feel about this proposed change, and any other comments you have; is 60 seconds too long? Should you be able to rig at all under option 2? What about listing people outside your own fight range? Thanks in advance!
  2. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Sounds better than 1st go around, how about including "no talking in world/tavern chat" if option 2 is enabled until they heal. ;)
  3. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    these changes sound a lot better and I can live with this option
  4. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    people should be able to talk in world chat or the lounge without being healed if they want too, but if they mouth off to higher levels then maybe a third option just for that can be applied.

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    LOL Seems like lower level players have too many "protections" already.
  6. I think that if a player is listed, then they should stay silent until they heal ... but they SHOULD be able to chat if they are simply in the hospital. There are too many players that are using the time that they sit dead and antagonize the listers AND the hunters by running their fingers. If that option is taken away, they would be more inclined to heal and spend less time making a target of themselves
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  7. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    how's that, the only protection they really have is when they first come online, any other protection is fair for all level to use
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  8. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    perhaps that might be true, but I spend a part of my time while in the hospital or dead simply saying hi to some friends or reply to other friends. I muted all the people that I had problems with and don't even talk tot them personally anymore, which is the reason for the mute button. but I would most likely quit the game my self if I didn't have the option to chat in any chat room if I had to heal every time I wanted to talk or type. but I would agree that a third option might be handle out side of the chat room for those who do mouth off. But from what I see, people have been targeted for nothing else then to say hi in the chats, if your not in the click groups or friends with everyone, you will be targeted and kept dead anyways. personally if your gonna make the chats so you can not type in them without healing, then why even have the chats.
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  9. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

    This game is about building up a fighting mobster and actually using it to fight. Changing up features of a game that has worked well for this long is a waste of time & money. Option 2 deprives the player the valuable learning experiences that he/she will need to be able to be successful in the game.t It is better to learn some things early when the stakes are lower than to wind up as a higher level without any real experience. The players who have the right type of attitude & personality will overcome the same obstacles that the rest of us have and become better players. The players who want to be wrapped in padding to protect them from a tough fighting session in the game will never have what it takes to be successful in the game. Also, this is a waste of time when there are far more pressing things needed to make a real difference in the game. One example would be the workshop - I am almost to level 6900 & I have exactly 3 workshop items in my whole active use inventory. Spend your time opening new locations & fixing the workshop...don't waste it trying to be "Big Brother" who takes care of everyone.
  10. Higher levels are prune to hit list the lower ones without hesitation but also those with lower ones they know if they hit a high level one will be killed. So I think that something has to do with the hit list situations saying that is a high level than the proposed and advertise a warning that the victim is a high level and then we can assure you that the lowers are protected BH:)
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  11. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    you can not build up a fighting mobster when your not allowed to play., therefore if your only attacked by a few people, I agree with you, you can learn the experiences to level and such, but how much skills does it actually take to click a button. not a whole lot of skill for that.

    the only experience that I have seen so far is how to stay dead or to be bullied by 25 to fifty people. this game has not taught me anything new from the many of other fighting games I have played and quite honestly I find it very boring to just click a button to hitlist or punch.

    Now if they added some graphics to the game, then the game would not be boring. but what really is the point of this game?

    to level up and to stay heal so you can be pound on by a lot of people without any chance of really getting anywhere unless you spend thousands of dollars to level.

    it all comes down to who really can spend the most money and to me that's a very boring game. Even the drama in the chat rooms has become very boring after a day or two of reading it. it is nothing new, same thing every day.

    There is no honor in the game ,like it used to be. from what I have read and heard, it used to be you could actually have a pretty fair fight between two people with out a lot of people jumping in.
  12. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    I also agree with you marshall that the workshop needs a complete over hall along with the gifts
  13. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Perhaps the mute option should work both ways, say you muted 'X' person=can't see their comments, but they can still see your's,
    • Big "what if", if anyone mutes another it blocks both sides of communication/reading to deter the hitlisting part, because if chat they instantly see your healed???
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  14. I think the dead should be able to talk in chat. Do not take that away.
    What do you think a player can do in 60 seconds? Bounty traps or whatever they are called in each game can be expensive. And you only get 50 of them. As for chain traps, I have to laugh. Do you not know we know how to get around that? What can a player do if you are chain listed or chain punched from 25 other players. This can go on for days at a time. And, some players experience this constantly beyond days. And they are not even talking in chat. So, you do 2 things: stay and fight and deal with the crap from the same player and/or players in multiple games. Or you leave and take your money with you.
    Kano, if you really looked at your games daily, you would see what you have built. Then you would know 60 seconds is a joke.
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  15. Shari Reed

    Shari Reed New Member

    The topic isn't about talking in the lounge. It's about the hitlist options. I like it how it is currently. But if I had to pick it would be option 1. I don't like the idea of listing and rigging once a minute. Would get boring pretty quickly. I think the rigs and ambushes should be left alone. I agree about the workshop needing a serious overhaul, items with better stats. I do think there should be an attack range +50 above or -50 below your level or something comparable to that.
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  16. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    [QUOTE="Scoughman, post: 182017, member: 26739"
    Any player outside your fight range can only list you once every 60 seconds, and you can only rig them once every 60 seconds. You can still be listed by multiple people at once, but you will always get time to play the game normally between lists from a single player.

    How long has this game been available to players? At least 2811+ days and all the players have made it this long without a "wait" period for getting listed by the same player outside their level! As this game evolves and other players come in the game changes and now I had to admit there are way more aggressive players than I have seen in the past. As someone said there used to be honor in this game and that is long gone. When I started playing, a punch was serious business and it was disrespectful but now people attack you to the ER and punch; I don't care for it but I have to deal with it; I have to turn around and do the same thing or just blow it off and play my game.

    So here comes Joe Shcmo and decides to attack and punch then puts out a notice for others to punch, some low level mobsters thinks it's cool to punch and they are way below your level, what are you going to do...you try attack to kill and then punch to kill, that doesn't work your going to list them. In my opinion if you have enough balls to punch someone or attack someone (even off the hit list) higher than you, then you should not be able to cry and ask to have chain listing stopped.....you started it, you have to take your beating. I've had to go through it and thousands of other players had to go through it. It's a fighting/killing game if they cry and can't handle being listed for showing up on a high levels feed then give them a rake and send them to Farmville
  17. Va Fangul Babbo

    Va Fangul Babbo New Member

    Been chain hitlisted and chain punched for over a year instigated by a very hateful player of much higher level. The rules for current hitlisting NEED to be changed so that an out of range level cannot hitlist a much lower level EVER! Seriously...its obvious that much higher levels make far more money than lower do so it impossible to spend in return of hitlisting. Also, the high level players intentionally hitlist each other in order to keep their bounties so high that lowers cannot afford to hitlist them back. Its a game of Bullying and not fun at all . Only reason I play is for a few friends who supportive to me and because I invested money otherwise would not recommend to anybody else. Make this a fair game!
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  18. Relax its a game

    Relax its a game New Member

    what should be done is use a multiplier for hitlisting, double cost to lister for 2, triple for 3 and so on. with bounty win based on the person getting listed
  19. GATMAN

    GATMAN Active Member

    I dont understand the need for this change in the least bit. So your trying to resolve the crybaby messages that fill the "Kano please help me" box. Some dont want to be chain listed. Kano solved this issue years ago by creating the "protection" feature. If any level player was hitlisted by another player 10 times then that player could hit the protection button and enjoy 3 days of not being chainlisted by their in-game enemy. That should be more than good enough to accomplish the pacification of the few that simply dont like to fight in the fighting game.


    How about Kano refocus its efforts on making the game more entertaining for us seasoned players instead of finding ways to modify the currant structure for the select few that have an issue with being hitlisted. 2 to 1 odds anyone being chained brought it on themselves in their words/actions during game play.

    Many of us have spent out time, energy and real money to build our account under the structure in place for 7 years. Those that participate in weekly wars (me most times except as of late) want to chain list our war-enemies for war points as our teammates get the kills. For you to change that structure now seams so unfair to the seasoned player base. Kano has done enough to cater to the new folks, time to cater to the rest.
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  20. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    I agree with the mute situation, it should be both ways so neither can see each other, then I would agree that lower levels have a better chance of playing before they start getting listing.
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