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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deltan, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. The major issue for me is that the 250 credits I used to buy 5 strikers and 5 defenders are all but wasted now.
    It seems the best possible set up is 5 Pointmen (in top squad) and all hired squad slots filled with Brawlers.
    The 60% off stat on Strikers and Defenders totally screw up using them to fill the hired slots and efficiently maintain the Max Hired Squad Strength.
    Once you reach the 6th hired slot at level 900 it is totally pointless to continue trying to maintain strikers and defenders due to the 60% off stat.

    I personally would like to have a one time option to trade in my Strikers and Defenders for more appropriate hired squad considering the fact that I would not have purchased Strikers or Defender if the Pointmen and Brawlers would have been available to me form the beginning.
    I won't hold my breath waiting to be offered that option but I do believe it would compensate those of us who have worked and planned our builds for 100's of days and some 100's of dollars based on what was available to us.

    I don't disagree with the update, I like it..... BUT I don't like the fact that I am stuck with 5 Strikers (125 credits) and 5 Defenders (125 credits) and this update has rendered them obsolete!!!

  2. Relentless

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    Do you think you should get a one time trade option on all your old UN weapons? because you wouldn't have bought them either if the newer stronger weapons had been around.
  3. If I remember correctly, Kano boosted up the stats of some of the old limited items when they started bringing out stronger limited items.

    I remember seeing some of my old limited items in Viking Clan with higher stats, anyway. Maybe it wasn't the same for ZS.
  4. Lyca

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    I like the idea of an option of trading old defenders and/or strikers for the new hired squad members.. a one time option would be good.. but I don't think it will be done. This change was made because kano want us to spend money so they will hardly make a concession to help us save money.. please feel free to prove me wrong ;) but as I've mentioned, it's not just the new squad members needed that HAVE to be bought with REAL money.., it's the fact that they will all have to be armed as well..
  5. They did this twice if I recall correctly. But they did it with every UN item available at the time, which didn't bring the older ones up to par with the newer items. They did this because they were releasing bosses who dropped gear that was inching closer and closer to UN purchased items. I'm okay with the creep in power of the equipment as time passes. It's to be expected. How else are they going to convince us to purchase anything in a game where at one time you only technically needed twenty to twenty two of each?

    Strikers and defenders haven't become obsolete. I put them in my hired squad and the max damage still exceeds my personal attack and defense. I intend to put pointmen into my TS so I can have more real people there (as was the intent of the original request that Kano twisted in an attempt to make a money grab) and upgrade my strikers and defenders as needed, until I've got an 11th spot open, at which point I'll start filling them with brawlers.

    Drag, I certainly sympathize with you that you spent money to fill your hired squad spots and now you find it to be a waste. But I really don't understand how you can believe that the imbalance would stay as such. It had to be addressed. And you're right, it should have been addressed before the change went live. Still, I wouldn't object to you and everyone else that took advantage of Kano's error got a UN refund. And I certainly wouldn't object if all the losses I suffered unnecessarily yesterday were reset.

    This was rushed out the door quickly, too quickly and the hired squad should have been tied to a player's attack and defense strength in the first place. I'm still flabbergasted that it did not.

    In one level, I'm going to be appearing on the fight lists of people with one extra hired squad member. They already have an advantage over me in skill points (to the tune of 600 not including achievements) so I guess we'll have to see how that plays out.

    Don, consider this: As new slots open up, you'll already have the extra hired squad you need to fill them. Though their stats may not be as high, based on what I've seen they should still be more then sufficient. Some of my strikers and defenders, particularly my defenders have fairly low stats, but I'm still maxed out.
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  6. 245 Trioxin

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    Woot! I just checked. My Max Hired Squad Strength is filled up with 10 Brawlers. So i really have no use for another 10 slots.
    How about you refund me the UN for those other hired squads i bought since they are absolutely useless now?
    I knew you would screw it up, again, but never thought it would be that bad.
  7. Really? lol... I mean REALLY?
    No I don't want the option to trade in my old UN weapons. UN Weapons have always been out there and they have always gotten stronger and stronger. This is a totally new aspect, a totally new strategy, a game changing update that YES does render Strikers and Defenders virtually pointless to buy or own...
    Sure we can take lemons and make lemon aid but don't let that over shadow the train wreak that it is. I said that I like the update for what it is but I don't think its right to totally change the strategics of the game, a couple years into the game. :/
  8. alka

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    Good point. I asked for a refund on useless Hired Squad and was told it would not be fair on the other players. maybe we should all have a refund as these items WERE BOUGHT and are now RENDERED USELESS by the latest update.
    Not to worry though because no doubt Brawlers will be a useless item this time next year when they decide to update the game again!!
  9. Will Smith

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    So can I have a refund on my Strikers and Defenders please, I have 5 of each, as I expect most people do and now they useless because of the update. Thank you.

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