[ZS] Hired Squad & Stamina Boost now here!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deltan, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I don't see why anyone who already had the original Striker or Defender would buy these to use instead?

    If you don't have any Hired Squad yet, this update should make no difference. You would need to save up or buy UN for both the old and new HS when you need it.

    I must be missing something.
  2. jon french

    jon french Member

    Wont eb able to get in game for a while, so can somebody give me the UN costs for roughneck, pointman and brawler
  3. Roughneck = 5 UN points.

    Pointman, Striker, Brawler, Defender = 25 UN points.
  4. jon french

    jon french Member

    Thanks Kul
  5. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Not unbalanced my arse. I was winning against the level 3000 on occaison. Now with all his stuff I'm losing horribly again.

    And we're not talking JUST 500-600 days worth of time and effort I caved and spent cash. I never agreed with people who got upset about spending the money and the investment not paying off until now.

    The cash was for entertainment purposes most of it went for refills just so I could keep playing since otherwise the game took 5 minutes of my time. But now it doesn't matter what I do I have to level 1100 to 1200 times to even begin to fight the one person who will fight me.

    utterly disgusted with the way Kano drops these things in without testing repricussions and all at once. We struggled through the massive property drops where bounties skyrocketed but income accrued slowly and JUST got to where the list was moving again. We struggled through the new achievements with the vault where everyone hoarded their cash and the list died. We struggled through hidden factions, we struggled through not being able to follow links. The game had just stabalized a bit and it's thrown into utter chaos again.

    I just don't know that it's worth continuing to fight through all the brilliant changes dropped into the game all at once.

    I love that Kano continues to add stuff but really guys take the time to do it right adding stuff gradually so the game can accomodate the changes.

    And yes I just spent 1.7 tril on the guy that I can no longer fight in anyway. Game is going to get real boring for him. He can't attack anyone unless they attack first and quite frankly it's no longer worth it to bother trying to attack him.
  6. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    I've yet to see how it really helps. Far as I can tell unless you need the extra it comes with to match your skills there really is no benefit to them unless you've unlocked the new slots. I do get to fight with 32 now instead of 20 but honestly I don't see why I should spend 25 un on the things when the 5 un one gives me the weapons.

    But I've got tired head from it changing up in the middle and no longer care to try to figure it up since it isn't going to help me where I need it.
  7. Look at the [ Show Details ] tab after attacking someone who has hired squad slots filled and notice the "Hired Squad Strength:"
    and you will see how it really helps.... brawlers may not have a "boost" but they increase your att/def strength greatly
  8. jon french

    jon french Member

    If i am understanding it correctly if you have 5 strikers & 5 defenders already then leave them in top squad so you get the 10% attack boost as well as their own att/def.

    You then have a cheap option or an expensive one.

    cheap is buy enough roughnecks (5 UN each) to fill your hired squad slots - they only add 1 att/def to your total but each will bring a weapon, gear & vehicle from your stockpile.

    expensive is buy enough Brawlers (25 UN each) to fill your hired squad slots - they add 120% att/def of your total att/def stats (say your stats are att 1000/def 500, they would add 1200 att & 600 def) and each will bring a weapon, gear & vehicle from your stockpile.

    Can only see pointmen (25 UN) being used if you havent already got 5 strikers & 5 defenders and/or want 15 real people in your top squad rather than 10.

    Strikers and defenders are a waste in hired squad as you dont get the 2% bonus for each one and are inferior to Brawlers - 120/60% against 120/120%
  9. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    This is soo messed up
    my 2,000 attack doesnt seem to be able to beat my opponents 1,000 defense
    even if i filled my slots with brawlers it wouldnt be enough as they have more slots open then me, i need to level 657 times to unlock slots and make it an even fight again

    Zombie Slayer used to be a fair playing field...Everyone had same amount of squad so you were only as good as your personal strength...raise your attack above your opponents defense and you win simple.

    Not the case anymore, You've broke the game!
  10. alka

    alka Banned

    Kano, thanks for giving me a reason to consider quitting this game.
  11. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Agreed, dammit I'm siding with Alka! 2012 doomsday is upon us. :(
  12. Lyca

    Lyca Member

    Don't like this update one bit... Surely on the poll most were NOT in favour of bigger top squads?? That said I wouldn't have minded having a bigger top squad if it was just an extra five empty slots to add more friends. This seems just a way to get everyone to spend money. All these new paid for members will have to be armed as well.. Kano.. please don't turn into Zynga.... :(
  13. alka

    alka Banned

    More friends in TS is what the majority wanted. More dollars in the pocket is what Kano wanted..

    Already given notice to Faction of my intention to leave, so I'll be putting in a lot less time on this app very soon. :(
  14. jon french

    jon french Member

    Dont be too hasty people!

    Yep, you are gonna need UN to compete but so is everyone else, no way will all your opponents have the UN on hand (i will need 300, got about 35 atm!).

    And you gotta give it to Kano on the content side, they have upped their game a lot. The leap year calender is gonna help you munch through some levels and gain UN. The new stamina boost is gonna help level/gain UN as well, though 30%? Id rather see 50-75% but 30% is still much better than nothing!

    Im level 1850 or thereabouts, im gonna need 12 Brawlers = 300 UN. Sounds alot right? Every new country/city needs 140 UN to upgrade properties, i seem to manage to do that with a very small spend. 300 UN for something that is going to drastically increase my attack and defence score dont seem to bad.

    Probably as im playing a game by a different developer that gives absolutely nothing game currency wise (you want, you buy FB credits) i have a kinder view on Kano's handing out of free UN in many different ways.
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    SHO KOSUGI Member

    I just need a refund so I can buy the right hired squad.. If not because of that bug, I would have bought the right hired squad.. Thanks :)
  16. jon french

    jon french Member

    If you wanna farm some UN then go to a low level card challenge - if you log on for a period in the morning then evening every day you can complete 2 of those easily = 4 free UN daily.
  17. slave

    slave Member

    missing the point

    you guys are all missing the point of the imbalance.....

    a 20 member top squad is limited by your personal slayer stats
    if you have 3000/3000 mulitplied by 20 you have top squad strengths of 60,000/60,000

    now for a level 1500 along come ten hired squad slots, buy ten brawlers, and you add 72,000/72,000

    how can ten hired squad slots be worth more than the 20 you have in top squad? that is the imbalance.....

    everything else is just a technicality....
  18. jon french

    jon french Member

    Think your math might be wrong? Cant be sure till i log on tonight but:-

    120% of 3000 attack = 3600

    3600 x 10 (brawlers) = 36000
  19. jon french

    jon french Member

  20. jon french

    jon french Member


    Theres 10 weapons, gear & vehicles to factor in, should add a 2-3k depending on load out.

    But whatever the figure is it wont change (except for improved items) until you upgrade a Brawler while your top squad total will keep growing as you increase att/def

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