[ZS] Hired Squad & Stamina Boost now here!

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  1. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Stamina Boost Feature
    A stamina boost will apply 50% of your max stamina to your current stamina. This gives players the ability to have their Stamina temporarily higher than their max.
    Ie: I have 90 of 100 stamina and apply the Stamina boost => I now have 120 Stamina
    *note:* A Boost may not be applied if your stamina is already boosted (current_stamina > max_stamina).

    Players may use a Stamina boost once every 22 hours either via the Boosts page or via an ‘out of stamina’ response.
    Players may request Stamina boosts via their Boosts page (Squad -> Boosts) once every 12 hours.
    Players may hold up to 5 Stamina boosts at a time
    Players may send boosts to their Squad via the Boosts page, friend leaderboard on the homepage, the main Leaderboard and from their Squad Members list (Squad -> Squad Members)

    Hired Squad Feature
    Accessible ingame at: Squad -> Hired Squad Members. Any hired squad will show up on this page. Slots are unlocked by level to a max 20 slots. These slots are automatically occupied by your strongest hired squad members. When attacking it will bring in the strongest attackers, when defending it will bring in the strongest defenders. Any hired used in your Top Squad will not be included as they must be removed from your top squad first. It is recommended that any hire that has top squad boosts capabilities be added to your Top Squad.

    Summary of available Hires:

    Note: Total Max Top Squad Attack Boost is 10%, Total Max Top Squad Defense Boost is 10% for hired.

    Attack: 120% of your Total Attack Strength
    Defense: 60% of your Total Defense Strength.
    Top Squad Boost: Attack Boost Percentage 2%
    Upgradable: Yes

    Attack: 60% of your Total Attack Strength
    Defense: 120% of your Total Defense Strength.
    Top Squad Boost: Defense Boost Percentage 2%
    Upgradable: Yes

    Attack: 1
    Defense: 1.
    Upgradable: No

    Attack: 90% of your Total Attack Strength
    Defense: 90% of your Total Defense Strength.
    Top Squad Boost: Attack Boost Percentage 2% Defense Boost Percentage 2%
    Upgradable: Yes

    Attack: 120% of your Total Attack Strength
    Defense: 120% of your Total Defense Strength.
    Upgradable: Yes

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  2. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    I just bought 5 new defenders to figure out buying them and putting them in the new hired squad didn't even affect my top squad strength. So the only reason I bought them was just so they could use weapons?
  3. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Hi Jessica, Any hired squad that isn't used in the top squad will occupy your open hired slots. They will provide you with additional attack & defense and carry extra weapons into battle. If a hired squad also has top squad boost abilities they are only enabled if they're added to the top squad.
  4. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    Still unclear whats actually a benefit when your an attack type of dude?
  5. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    So i remove all strikers and top squad brawlers...lol
  6. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    Seems most are a waste but brawlers and pointmen
  7. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    Attackers and only give a boost unlike brawlers and defenders blah blah.....hmmm

    RIBBET New Member

    OK TGC it works like this strikers give you a 2% boost to attack up to a max of 10% defenders give you a 2% boost to defense up to 10% pointsmen give you a 2% boost to attack and defense up to 10% and the brawlers are for adding to the new hired help slots so you can fight with more weapons gear and vehicles so for me at my lvl that would be 11 slots i can fill so i would be fighting with 31 weapons gear and vehicles instead of the normal 20
  9. Anthony Alford

    Anthony Alford New Member

    Seems like Brawlers are best for not in your top squad, but to free up space I may need to remove a Striker(S) or Defender(D) and Replace with a Pointman(P) until my Boost is up to 20%, since the P gives boost in A and D. If I don't remove any S or D and just add P to get to 20% that means only 5 humans will be in my top squad...
  10. Anthony Alford

    Anthony Alford New Member

    I suppose Roughnecks are a cheap option to bring in more gear to a fight...
  11. I'm not a big ZS player, but can someone explain to me why someone would want a Roughneck?

    1 Attack
    1 Defense
    No boosts offered.
    Can't be upgraded.
  12. jeremie

    jeremie New Member

    Hired squad in the HS position doesn't give a boost, its a bit sad, because now we need 5 Strikers, 5 Defenders, 5 Pointmen.
    Please Kano fix this, its like a storm of UN you're asking us. Because we need even more top squad, and we have less friend in our TS.
  13. 5 Pointmen will take the place of the 5 strikers and 5 defenders combo for a 10% attack and defense boost. This will save a player 125 credits initially and allow them to keep 15 REAL players in their top squad, however they may need to be upgraded more often to maintain their max top squad strength.

    Roughnecks seem to only offer extra squad to carry extra weapons

    Brawlers seem to only offer extra max top squad strength for players who wish to keep a vary low REAL player squad

    Pointmen should be a big sale
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  14. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    I’ve spent 637 days carefully and thoughtfully allocating my skill points to be a strong fighter. I am #2 on the world leaderboard for fight wins, and I have been on the boards since I started this game. I have sacrificed health, stamina, and energy to get where I am today. What was the point of my allocations? Now all the whiney crybabies who cannot fight because of their crappy allocations can basically BUY SKILLPOINTS, which you, Kano, said would never happen. This game used to be fair.
  15. alexP

    alexP New Member

    Could not agree more!! Now it is all about money players, you spend you can win - fair is long out the window.
  16. You may wanna wait on that bud... This is a quote from Kendall in another thread on this subject
  17. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    You are correct the max boost from any hired in top squad should only be 10%, new ones can be used to apply that bonus but should not go over. A fix is being worked on and will be pushed shortly as well as in game language clarifying that.
  18. You and me both. 520 days played. Careful and thoughtful allocation of skill points. The same sacrifice of health, stamina and energy. Leveling very slowly. I'll take it a step further. Strikers and defenders have become moot. It seems to me that I'll want to replace them with pointmen, so I can actually put real people in my squad. And brawlers make much more sense to fill the hired squad slots. For me, at my level that will require 300 UN, plus whatever I may need to spend to equip them. I won't do it all at once of course, but that is the issue. Others will. So I'll be at a huge disadvantage until such time as I can fill those slots. Not to mention, soon I'll be on the fight lists of people with an extra hired squad slot. I can spend another 35 UN to get roughnecks and slowly replace them as I can, but again, that's yet another UN expenditure.

    I was hoping I could immediately put a combination of strikers and defenders into my hired squad and replace them with real live human beings. You know; the people who help me out on a daily basis, but if I do that, I lose the 10% bonus.

    It would have been nice if the bonus could be applied from the hired squad slots while maintaining the maximum of 10%, but I suppose that was too much to hope for.

    Thanks Kano.
  19. Brawlers seem to add a straight attack and defense boost. Not a top squad boost. So the bonuses they provide should be applicable in the hired squad area.

    I may be mistaken. I don't know. But this is why I wanted to know exactly what the new hired squad would be BEFORE they went live. So we could discuss these issues.

    By the way, Kano, can I get a refund on my strikers and defenders?
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  20. Anthony Alford

    Anthony Alford New Member

    They changed the Squad Boost from 20% back to 10% :(

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