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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Angel withFangs, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. I am sure there is a thread "somewhere" for this, but....why is it you can only get 2 hires for 10FP's, when in VC you can get 3? It is hard enough for those of us that are not rich and can not afford to use "real" money to get our 1000 hires. Why not be able to get 3 like in VC for the same amount(10FP's) ?
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    Way games were set up basically, don't think any rhyme or reason to it.
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  3. Be it rhyme nor reason, for all intents and purpose, VC & PC are basically carbon copies of each other. Even LCN(MW) & ZS, all four games being set on the same platform, if you will. However, the latter 2 games a hell of a lot harder to level in and grow, opposed to the first 2. That being said, with VC & PC being almost identical the venue, we "should" be given the same ability to gain 3 hires in both, for the same cost of the 10FP, opposed to only 1 of the games. As I said in my original post and we all know, it is hard enough, if your not forking out real money to make those 1000 hires happen, without Kano only giving 2 in PC, opposed to the 3 in VC.
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    I play PC and have not "forked out a dime" and have full mateys, I want my extra DJ's back then. :p
    This has been brought up many times, and kicked to the curb, use the search bar.
    • BTW the colors are annoying.
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    PC and VC are quite similar but aren't directly 1:1 copies. That's besides the point, though.

    Please note that this decision was made years ago, so I am just postulating as to the reason.

    Hired Captains in PC allow you to bring in more than their counter parts in VC (10 mateys, 10 weapons and 1 ship as opposed to 10 weapons and 5 warriors) so there is a matter of gameplay balance to be considered. You are getting more "bang for your buck" so to speak.
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  6. Thanks for the response Mi7ch. :)

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