Higher Level Players Attacking Lower Levels

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Oldman, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Oldman

    Oldman New Member

    I have been attacked numerous times by Higher Level Players. The first time was when I was lvl 32 and attacked by a lvl 75 Player. The 10 subsequent Higher Level attacks were by Players 10-20 Levels Higher.
    When I click on the Attack button, I am only offered Players of the same Level. Which is challenging enough considering some will buy their power and/or have a hundred friends to help them out.
    I would like to know HOW these Players are ABLE TO ATTACK LOWER LEVEL PLAYERS?!!?
    If that’s the way this Game is going to be played, then I might as well be one of the High Schoolers attacking the Grade Schoolers, and I want to know how to do it!!!
  2. clubber

    clubber Member

    This matter was already discussed. You attack them first on bounty?
  3. 10-20 levels is understandable for the game.

    Viking Clan is a social networking game. You aren't going to make it very far without adding other players to your clan.

    If you axe slap, attack, bounty, or bounty trap a player that is killed by the trap, then you are on that person's rival list and open to attack.
  4. Oldman

    Oldman New Member

    I did not attack any one of them in any way, shape, or form. I did not axe slap any one of them, athough one axe slapped me, which I did not retaliate to. I have never put a bounty on or tried to collect a bounty on anyone. And I certainly understand that this is a social networking game.

    So, given that, how is it that they can attack me? Does it have something to do with their friends or other clan members, because I have neither.

    If this matter has already been discussed, I would like to know where.
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    This matter has been discussed probably more than any other subject in these forums....one does not have to try very hard to find one of hundreds of posts on the subject

    U may have attacked one of their friends and they asked them for help.....but more than likely u did attack them in some manner and just didnt realize it. In the end its no big deal....if the player is out of your range they will simply fall off your page in 24 hrs as long as u dont retalliate.

    To be honest tho...I really dont understand why your upset...this is a fighting game....so u should be prepared to get a good whoopn everyday for as long as u play this game....r u not out there whoopn ass on anybody? At the level u r at u could easily catch the player u r talking about in a few hours to a couple days for absolutely free...I suggest u put your nose to the grindstone.....level up and return him the favor...after all....THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!
  6. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Anyone who is over a minimum level (300) can be bountied by any players at any level. If you are below that level, then players who are less than 2 times your level can bounty you (example I am level 50, I can only be bountied by players who are level 100 or less). If the lower level does not retaliate, then that higher level player cannot attack. If a lower level attacks an out of range higher level player, they will be up for attack until either the higher level kills them or the 24-hr retaliation window expires.

    There are level ranges for attacking and maybe you were in the range but then they leveled out of our range. So many possibilities.
  7. Mike Augusto

    Mike Augusto New Member

    it is a GAME. if you are offended, move along, sir.
  8. Oldman

    Oldman New Member

    In the first place, I am not offended or upset. I asked how I could attack Lower Level Players. Secondly, if Battle has been made such an important part of this game, it should be spelled out clearly what the rules are. After all, this is the Game Help Forum and I thought I could get some specific answers on how higher level players can attack lower level players.

    In your example Wonder Woman, How does one know if they have been Bountied or if the attack that was incurred was a Bounty related attack? How does a player who is twice my level (whom I hadn't attacked previously) even know who I am to place a Bounty on me, and even if they did, could they collect on that Bounty themselves?

    If someone attacks me, How do I ask a higher level friend for help? I didn't notice an Ask Friend for Help button like there is on the Bosses, Adventures, or Challenges. So how is my higher level friend made aware of and can attack my aggressor?
  9. carylt

    carylt New Member

    well im enjoying this fighting malarky......just one question,what must i aim for as far as att/def health......I want to wallop hard real hard,but im small fry,and am cannon fodder at the min, sooo should i spend on equipment instead of att /def etc???.im raising my health to 5thou.my def is 4 thou and my attack is 2 thou.yet im still getting beat...what am i doing wrong...... my guild are as much use as a chocolate fireguard at giving advice...(Ive left my guild and am off to look for one that helps lower players that want to grow in the game)
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  10. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    I don't know what level you are, but there are many opinions on the subject... the general rule of thumb is not to use favor points to buy warriors or weapons, since those can be obtained through the blacksmith and boss drops... they should be spent on hired chieftains to increase attack and defense strength... without knowing your level, I would build up your health to at least 20k before adding any more points to attack or defense... this will increase your damage dealt in battles and boss fights, and should enable you to win more battles over time...
  11. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    well said jared

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