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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by ethyx, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. ethyx

    ethyx New Member

    If I can't attack someone because I am at a higher level then them, then how am I constantly attacked by peeps who are higher levels than me? I consistently get attacked by people who are level 300, and I am only level 107.

    I don't know what the trick is....
  2. Darklama

    Darklama New Member

    i get that as well
  3. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    If you've ever attacked them while they're on bounty, or even accidentally, the game allows you to be attacked by someone much higher than yourself.
  4. asking to help attack and when i click help than ... Tide-Gate Beard Jack is out of your XP range. HAHAHA
  5. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    That too lol. I've had lower levels hit me because they answered a request to help attack. If you're going to help attack, make sure you know the level of the player before attacking and that won't happen.
  6. twinglesmommy

    twinglesmommy New Member

    I agree that there should be limits on who you can attack. I have had 2 bounties put on me in the last day by people who are around level 300 when I am a level 102. What is up with that?
  7. SS Paint Sniffer

    SS Paint Sniffer New Member

    some peeps are bounty happy....I've been bountied by folks 800 lvs higher for whatever reason..lol

    Also agree if you attack on a request for help...make sure you know who you are attacking....I love it when someone requests cap'ns to attack/whip me..Because there's always low level folks that don't pay attention, then I get to spank them and level up easy like..hahaa
  8. jtrusty

    jtrusty New Member

    oh to the paint sniffer..you have been bountied by some of the best! Why? Cause you be a fiesty one! You have struck them, so they strike you back! That is all. Name of the game.
  9. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    Not sure who you are in PC paint sniffer, but yeah I kind of agree with jtrusty then if you're a feisty one. :p Otherwise I'll have to disagree and wonder what's up with the game when they allow lower levels to be bountied randomly by players that are much higher than them. Happened to me twice in VC. I know they're getting their bounty achievements but it's a little ridiculous lol.
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  10. SS Paint Sniffer

    SS Paint Sniffer New Member

    My name here is the same in the game.

    Actually I'm not feisty at all..lol...I be a polite pirate, never attack anyone more than a few times at once...Until they get stupid, then it's war..haha.

    The case of the 800 lv bountying me (I was like 200 at the time) was because of someone who chain attacked me daily, I'd wait and kill them when they weren't hiding..Then they asked all their Cap'ns to attack...Next thing I know I'm on the bounty list a couple times in a row from some fruitcake 800 lvs higher...He was clan with the person I was battling with...Later I see he gets his jollies bountying lower levels..lol

    Luckily I have a big booty, and I returned the favor..Gaaaaa"hiccup"aaaar!
  11. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    Ah, you must be a facebook user since I don't recognize your name lol.
  12. SS Paint Sniffer

    SS Paint Sniffer New Member

    Yes Ma'm:D
  13. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    Good thing I can't run into you. ;)
  14. i dont mind high levels attack back but when they ambush you and they are 300 -500 levels higher LMAO
  15. jtrusty

    jtrusty New Member

    I cannot attack a lower level unless they attack me. Most I can do is pistol whip them, so if a higher level player is attacking you, then you somehow either pistol whipped them or attacked them. In that case , expect the retaliation, you would do the same. Remember if you do not fight back you will not be touchable again, that even means counters. So if you get in trouble like I did when I first started the game, you can just wait to fall off their rival list, which will be quick, or try to be-friend them, (thats what I ended up doing) or keep fighting away.
  16. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    Lol well you are tough Jack.

    If you're a lower level and you attack a higher level, yes, expect retaliation. You're easy xp and most likely an easy kill to add to our stats. Like I said before, if you're helping another clan member out with the 'attack now' link, look at the level of the person first lol. You'll only be on the rivals list for a day so just take the beating and it'll be over soon enough.
  17. Lmao

    haha i said that i dont care if they attack back !!

    (( this comment is in general reply not personal for Bunni :) )

    if they so strong why they put ambush on much lover level? so i have 2 pistol whip them till they die and than they bounty me and if im online they cant get bounty or i try bounty some one who rig me and than i die from bomb and no one get bouty so they lose 100+bil haha its all fun and they send so much junk in my inbox lmao developers shuld add message that say: no spam please my inbox he he

    oh and some smart ones ask others 2 remove others from clan i have personal messages from some members ask me 2 remove some one ?! well i not removing any one for some cry baby lol

    if they ask everyone to remove someone its just shows how weak they are :)
    just use your brains and deal with enemy other way you will look like loser after all !!

    Jack Punisher
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