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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by gods people, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. ChewbaccaSW

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    Thanks Mich! It's very good for Defense, not interesting for attack
  2. michael mauer

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    Before this threadI googled it-someone posted all the hidden blueprints
  3. michael mauer

    michael mauer New Member

    I always do the workshop-does it really make a difference/make you stronger??
  4. The Navigator

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    Go to your profile on Mob Wars. There you should see a tab "fight strength". Click it and you can view the items you'll bring in to fight. On the bottom of the list you'll see the items with lowest attack and defense brought to fight. If those attack or defense is smaller than the items you craft, you'll get stronger. But be careful! Some blueprints are not just for upgrading, some do require several good usable items to craft one just a little better usable item. If the items on blueprint are useless but the craft is usable, good for you!
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  5. michael mauer

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  6. ChewbaccaSW

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    Nothing to add @The Navigator :)
    Just a little thing : sometimes a craft only add +1, or +2, so yes it improves your totals, but it's not worth crafting it.
  7. Bardy1967

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    How do i get the Damascus Katana?

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